The final British Airways commercial flight operated by a Boeing 767 occurred yesterday, between Larnaca and London Heathrow. This marks the end of 28 years of service for this aircraft.

Cabin crew have commented to me they will miss the aircraft for its spacious galleys which provided plenty of room to work. I will miss them as they were the last aircraft in the fleet with the old converter seating which was quite nice.

A Pilot’s Reflections on the Boeing 767

Tim the Pilot has written up a fascinating piece on the Boeing 767 at British Airways. It contains insiders information about the order, the time when the entire fleet was grounded, plus when some aircraft had to be temporarily stored.

What makes his post all the more interesting is some of the detail on the operational realities for the aircraft. For example, the fact that Entebbe in Uganda was at the edge of the performance envelope. Or why the cabin was reconfigured to three class rather than four. It’s well worth a look!

Remembering the Boeing 767

During in excess of 425,000 flights throughout its career at British Airways, the Boeing 767 visited a lot of places. Frankfurt was the most visited destination, with over 15,000 services there alone. You can read about a flight I took from Frankfurt to London Heathrow here. There are plenty of cabin shots to give you a real feel for what it was like.

My last flight on board was from London Heathrow to Stockholm in May 2018. Naturally I also wrote a flight review for that which you can view here. I’ll certainly miss the comfortable cabin. Luckily British Airways still serve decent food, so that part I will still get to experience!

Overall Thoughts

While the 767 is leaving commercial airline service, it will live on in the form of tankers for the US Air Force and as a freighter for various companies.

What do you think of the Boeing 767? Have you been on it and what did you like or dislike about it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image and Larnaca landing image via British Airways.