I was shamefully unprepared for my wireless internet connection to work onboard Grandeur of the Seas. So I will have to make this quick. I’m posting from Grandeur somewhere between Charleston, SC and Samana, D.R. We’re on our second sea day after departing Charleston Saturday evening. This has been a fantastic cruise so far. Our departure from Baltimore on Thursday was delayed by 2 hours as Grandeur encountered rough weather inbound from Bermuda and had to slow down to make things more tolerable. Royal Caribbean contacted our travel agent, who then contacted us. We followed instructions and did not arrive at the Port of Baltimore until 2pm. The port was crowded, but we were checked in and onboard in less than one hour after our arrival. I’m not certain if our Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Diamond Status or our cabin class bought us expedited boarding or not. But we were called for boarding shortly after check-in, and there was quite a throng of people that had arrived before us.
In any event, I’ll post a full review at completion of the trip, but suffice it to say that so far this has been a fantastic honeymoon cruise!