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Jane Lasky has covered travel and lifestyle in all media for nearly four decades. Her weekly sojourning column ran in 40 newspapers for 20 years, her magazine articles have appeared in such publications as Esquire, Metropolitan Home, Vogue and Bon Appetit. She appeared on Oprah as a tipping expert, she commuted between LA and Hong Kong for three years while acting as travel editor for the South China Morning Post's Sunday magazine, and she authored a dozen books, including LA Woman. Jane always travels with her pillow.

Mass Shooting Near Mandalay Bay Puts Las Vegas Visitors On Alert

Before the midnight hour on Sunday an explosion of shots rang out from apparent machine gun fire after at least one gunman opened fire on a Las Vegas festival where Jason Aldean was performing. ET confirmed that the country star and his team are safe following the incident. The shots may have come from the top floors of nearby Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, at which time fans attending the Harvest Country Route 91 Music Festival scattered, trying desperately to find cover. Some reportedly lay on the ground. A number of outlets are reporting that multiple victims have been identified with two reported...

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Theft In The Air: Qatar Airways Inflight Shocker

A colleague was winging her way to the Maldives from Los Angeles on Qatar Airways for a business trip when the unexpected happened. She emerged from the loo only to regret she ever left her seat because when she returned it was just in time to witness her seat mate rifling through her handbag. In other words, the sky-bound victim (we’ll call her Scarlet) caught the up-in-the-air thief (who shall remain nameless) red handed. Scarlet talked about how this horrible incident came down. “I was on my way back from using the bathroom and I was a little too quick...

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Tripping Out On Shoe Envy: What To Wear Where

By Jane Lasky A colleague who traveled with me in Madrid was quite the style maven, a full on fashionista. This sartorial slave changed clothes thrice a day and she changed shoes even more than that. After two transformations in a single morning, I began keeping tabs on this glam business traveler’s footwear. By the end of the four-day trip, I noted twelve different pairs. Comparing my paltry trio of choices with her mighty dozen, I began suffering shoe envy. What I did not suffer was aching feet. After more than three decades on the road–and usually on the run–what...

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Cannabis Firm Tokes On Nipton California To Promote Pot Tourism

A lot of pot smoking-affected eyes are on Nipton, California, a former gold rush and rail town situated on the remote edge of the Mohave National Preserve that has been reduced to hardly anything more than a modest trading post and an even more modest hotel. Oh, and an RV park. Apparently this little known haunt of about a dozen residents (more or less) is about to be revitalized. Pot Company Invasion The interested party? Phoenix-based American Green, Inc, one of the country’s largest cannabis companies, a so-called seed-to-sale innovator that is taking on all 120 acres to reportedly...

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Business Travel Fashion: Dress Your Best On The Road

By Jane Lasky/Illustration by Paul Jackson Dressing your best during a business trip to uncharted territory is probably the best sartorial advice I can give to any uninitiated road warrior. Stressed Out A severely jet-lagged Edward knew this tip all too well. He was beyond stressed regarding what to wear to arguably his most important overseas meeting, a career-making or -breaking gathering in Hong Kong for which all my British colleague could do was worry about which suit he should put on. I told him to focus on something else, like what he wanted to cover during this meeting, but...

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Business Traveler Held Hotel Hostage In Melbourne: A Joy

by Jane Lasky I am a sojourning hypocrite. Although I advise fellow business travelers that on every trip he or she should roam around at will, capturing a real feel for their temporary work environment, I find that dictum doesn’t always apply to me. In fact, at times I have been known to hole up in my hotel during an entire visit even though I am far away from home turf. One brief Australia trip was like that, my business agenda so crammed that I spent a two-night Melbourne stay stuck inside the glam Park Hyatt Melbourne. OK, being forced to get...

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Kenya Connection: Lake Nakuru, Flamingos, A New Friend

Shadrack and I made an instant Kenya connection after I brazenly asked if I could join this local guide and his colleague in their Abercrombie and Kent Jeep back to Nairobi from the Maasai Mara. In other words, I hitchhiked in East Africa, something I hadn’t done but maybe once before and under far less exotic circumstances.

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Jumbotron Hero: A Tokyo Rush Hour Adventure

Image: Jessica Grant Rush hour in jam-packed Tokyo means madness, no matter where in Japan’s capital you happen to be wandering but especially so at Shibuya’s landmark scrabble crossing.  There, an explosion of commuters, shoppers, families, teens and visitors converge at the beginning and at the end of every work day as well as on weekend afternoons, turning the thriving scene into a veritable blur of humanity as vehicles comes to a dead stop. That is the signal for the masses to collectively scurry as fast as possible, going with the very speedy flow in all directions. Unfortunately, some pedestrians...

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