Aunt Darling

An adventurous soul, Diane has been to all seven continents and roughly 60 countries. It all started at the age of six when her family moved to Asia which began her interest in diverse cultures, languages, and food. Diane coaches people on how to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships, and her talks are informative, inspirational and witty.

Tips and apps to survive Thanksgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving! This Thursday people all across the US are going to be gathering to give thanks, eat and eat some more, laugh and possibly argue with relatives, watch football, and of course shop! Here are some apps to help you survive the next few days. For those of you outside the US, enjoy a few days of quiet. Avoid traffic and getting lost with Waze. This a crowd-sourced map service. What does that mean? Other people (ideally passengers – safety first!) share tips about traffic, police (not that I ever speed!), and tips.   Stressed? Overwhelmed? Annoyed? Happy? Focused?...

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Be nice, ask twice

Changing My Southwest Flight It was 2 am. I couldn’t sleep. I was behind preparing for my next speaking engagement at a conference. As my cat crawled across my head I figured I might as well get up and be productive. I opened up Evernote where I toss all kinds of documents, photos, notes and found the agenda for the conference. I’d heard it was an amazing and at times overwhelming experience – 4000 attendees, all in leadership positions with the YMCAs across the USA. As I reviewed the timing, I realized that my flight would arrive AFTER the first orientation...

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That’s not a carry-on

Trust me, I get it. You don’t want to pay baggage fees or wait for your luggage. However, people who are bringing multiple bags onboard that are the size of a not-so-small child need a reality check. That’s not a carry-on! And the airlines need to start charging for carry-on bags, for two reasons: this will speed up times in TSA lines and create revenue for the airlines. Some questions to ask yourself when selecting carry-on luggage: Can you lift it when packed? (For that matter, can you lift it unpacked?) If it falls over, will it hurt someone? Can you...

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How to go from airport to Boston … for free!

The actual distance between the airport in Boston and downtown is around 4 miles. If you’re a light traveler, you’re in luck and can into town at NO cost. Head to the Silver Line (it’s actually a bus not a train) and that will take you to South Station which intersects with the Red Line. From there you can change to many other parts of the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority) – nicknamed T. Here’s a travel planner to help you. FYI – as of this writing, only Uber Black Car is allowed to pick up at the airport. My...

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Six Solutions For TSA

While standing in TSA lines lately, I’ve had some spare “mind time” to brainstorm some solutions. What are your thoughts and recommendations? Hire Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts. Why is it some people START packing when they get to the security line! Hire the Scouts to help people in line to “be prepared.” Families-only line. It’s tough enough to get myself to the airport I can only imagine what it takes to get a family. And I cringe when I see them get in line and a heavy-sighing business traveler is behind them. Give them the same courtesy airlines do. Newbie,...

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