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An IT professional by day, this HappyFlyer is a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast with a passion for travel. Hailing from the East Coast, she will be writing about her interest in travel gadgets and sharing her best travel tips and unique perspective on travel experiences.

Opinion: The Grounding of Boeing 737 MAX – What Next?

I have been following the updates on the fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash, which killed all 157 passengers onboard. The accident followed on the heels of a Lion Air crash just 5 months earlier, killing all 189 passengers. Preliminary evidence suggested that a feature in the newly installed automated system on the Boeing 737 Max may be to blame.  When one of the sensors detect a potential stall, the pitch augmentation control law in the system (the MCAS – Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) kicks in and adjusts the plane. This article has great illustrations describing the likely scenario that resulted...

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How I Book My Flights to Save on Travel Expenses

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been price conscious when it comes to booking trips.  As anyone who ever has to book travel for yourself or family, we all know that travel expenses can add up very quickly. That is not to say that I only book the cheapest flights.  I have my own reservations when it comes to booking low-cost airlines.  I generally don’t mind paying a little more for an airline that doesn’t nickel and dime the customers. In some ways, I think I might an airline’s worth shopper.  I’m not particularly loyal to...

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The Buffet at Aria, Las Vegas

When my brother and I flew into Vegas for a quick trip late last year, one of the first things we wanted to do was to find someplace good to eat. Our base is the Waldorf Astoria and I wanted to walk to somewhere close by. Since it was a last-minute trip, I hadn’t looked into some of best places to eat on the strip. Lo and behold, we saw this sign when we stepped outside of the hotel: The place was beckoning to us.  We decided that we would visit Aria’s The Buffet.   Pricing We got to the...

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How $145 Million is “Gone” for the Largest Canadian Cryptocurrency Exchange

In a bit of a bizarre news: QuadrigaCX, the largest cryptocurrency exchange (by volume) in Canada, is in a world of trouble. The company  may have just lost $145 Million (CAD $190 million) of its customer’s money.  The company filed for creditor protection on 2/1/2019. How? The founder and CEO of QuadrigaCX, Gary Cotten, unexpectedly passed away.  He held the keys – quite literally – to the exchange. What happened? The short version:  The exchange kept its assets in offline storage systems, secured by cold wallet (think of it as your private digital key to protect your assets from...

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Disney FastPass+ Planning: Don’t Make This Same Mistake

Last month, my family and I visited Walt Disney World. We decided to visit the Animal Kingdom Theme Park, with its new Pandora World of Avatar attraction. FastPass vs FastPass+? Things have obviously changed since my last visit to Disney World over a decade ago.  I was familiar with the FastPass system, where you go to a kiosk to print out a slip and come back during the designated time for expedited entry to an attraction.  At Disney World, this is now called “FastPass+” (you can think of it as a  second generation of FastPass).  It’s the same system,...

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Remember the Motorola RAZR? It’s Coming Back as a $1,500 Foldable Smartphone.

Before the iPhone in 2007, there was the Motorala Razr. The RAZR was a thing of beauty. It was a thin, sleekly designed, fashionable clam shell phone with an aluminum body. While the RAZR can’t compete with the features in today’s phones, it was considered a revolutionary tech gadget in its heyday.  You can make calls (primary use), text message (yes, text emoji only), and even take pictures with the built-in camera. The RAZR, especially the V3 model, was so popular that Motorola sold more than 130 million units.  In fact, the RAZR is one of the most successful...

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Setting Attainable Goals for Yourself

Note: This is a non-travel post. Some years ago, I made a decision that I would try to create/learn something new every year, especially in those areas of creative interests. It wasn’t that I had a lot of free time. On the contrary, I was afraid that if I don’t carve out time, I might never get around to prioritizing and exploring those interests. Setting (Attainable) Goals My goal was simple:  I wanted to be a content creator. At the time, I wanted to learn how to edit videos.  I signed up for a course, not realizing just how much...

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The BigSkinny: World’s Thinnest Wallet for Travel (and Everyday Use)

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.   I like to travel light, and that includes having the right wallet. For a long time, I didn’t have a favorite wallet.  A wallet is just a wallet to me.  I’d usually buy generic ones and replace them when they break. That was the case at least, until one year, I came across a group of people who were clamoring over something at a stall at a street vendor fair. Intrigued, I also stopped by to check things out. It turned out to be wallets.  BigSkinny wallets, to be exact.  What’s most...

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How I Stayed 2 Nights at Hilton Disney Resort for $100

Some blogs like to tout that you can travel for free.  I contend that they are never truly free. Early last year, I wrote about the new Hilton cards, and I went for the Hilton Aspire card despite the annual fee. I didn’t think I’d make use of the $250 resort credit, but I ended up staying at the Hilton at Disney Springs. How the Math Works Out We booked a 2-nights stay.  The room rate was $130 per night, before taxes, parking, and resort fees. The base room rate for 2 nights is $260, but the final bill came...

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5 Free (or Cheap) Family-Friendly Things You Can Do in Vegas

My brother and I flew to Vegas last month on a semi-“mileage run”.  We were both busy at work, so the plan was simple: We fly out Saturday morning, explore the destination, and fly back on Sunday night. I’d get some uninterrupted time on the plane to get some work done. A win-win. Now, 1.5 day isn’t really enough time if you are new to Vegas.  Fortunately, it wasn’t our first visit, but it may as well be. You should never underestimate how much you can get done in a short time if you know what you want to...

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