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An IT professional by day, this HappyFlyer is a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast with a passion for travel. Hailing from the East Coast, she will be writing about her interest in travel gadgets and sharing her best travel tips and unique perspective on travel experiences.

Why THIS is the Absolute Best Time to Travel (Or Get Anything Done)

Is There a Best Time to Get Anything Done? I’m not saying it in jest, but the best time to travel is NOW. Of course, I know that most of us aren’t in a position where we can just up and go on a whim due to commitments and certain constraints. Then again, why not?  Why not plan for it now, at a minimum? I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth, so my personal philosophy is that you should always work hard for the things you want in life.  If you are passionate about something,...

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Hawaiian Airlines: Setting a New Record with Longest Domestic Route in the USA

This week, Hawaiian Airlines announced new, non-stop service from Boston to Oahu. News release Hawaiian Airlines will begin this “five-day-a-week service”, starting on April 4, 2019.  At 5,095 miles, the route is billed as “the longest regularly scheduled domestic route in U.S. history.” Hawaiian Airlines will be flying the “278-seat Airbus A330 widebody aircraft” for this route.  There will be 18 lie flat first class cabin seats, 68 extra comforts seats, and 192 coach seats. Special Booking Deals (Must Book by 9/16 for travel in April 2019) To celebrate the launch, Hawaiian Airlines is offering a fare sale for...

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Product Review: Signature Aluminum Roller Carry-On Suitcase

This is a non-sponsored post and review of the Signature Aluminum Roller Suitcase (Gray), offered by MVST Select.  Of all the amenity kits from my travels, the one I am most fond of is the Rimowa amenity kit.  I first came across it when flying on Eva Airways’ Royal Laurel /Business cabin.  I didn’t even care about the kit’s contents as much as I love the design of the case.  It’s a miniature version of a hard shell suitcase. I think it’s safe to  say that I have an affinity towards that style of suitcase. Since I was in...

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Best Watch Bands for Apple Watch: My Picks (And Do You Own Multiple Bands?)

Note: non-travel post; this post contains some affiliate links. Earlier this year, I wrote a piece on why I decided to invest in an Apple Watch Series 3.  The major game changer on the Series 3 was the addition of cellular connectivity over the earlier editions. It was a right purchase for me then, and it still holds true today. Which is the Best Apple Watch Bands? Generally, I’m not big on device accessories – I usually just buy the basics. For example, when it comes to the phone, I’d get screen protector and a phone case.  In fact,...

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What Travel Gaffes Have You Made This Year?

I’d considered myself to be fairly well traveled, but that doesn’t mean I don’t make the occasional travel gaffes.  Sometimes I can laugh about it in the moment.  Other times, it’s only funny days after the fact. Earlier this year, I had to make a “last minute” international trip.  With little time on my hands, I focused on the essentials: Booking a flight and making a hotel reservation. All was fine until I tried to check in at the hotel. Travel Gaffe When I tried to check in, the hotel clerk couldn’t find my reservation.  It can’t be, I...

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Crazy Rich Asians: Does the Airline in the Movie Actually Exists?

“Crazy Rich Asians” movie and Singapore I am a sucker for good romantic comedies, so I ended up watching a new movie called Crazy Rich Asians this week.  No movie spoilers here, but one of the things I enjoyed about the movie is actually being able to recognize popular travel sights in Singapore.  Like the Singapore Flyer.  The merlion mascot. Gardens by the Bay.  Even the reference to the Butterfly Garden at Changi airport was fun.  Comically, my own visit to the Butterfly Garden didn’t pan out because I didn’t end up even spotting one butterfly!     Is...

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Airport Lounge Review: The Club at Pittsburgh International Airport

The Club Lounge was opened at the Pittsburgh International Airport in late 2017.  You can access the lounge if you are a Priority Pass member.  You can also buy day passes ($40). With the Priority Pass membership, I decided to make a “pit” stop to check out the lounge — located near the front of Concourse C.  Despite needing to be on Concourse D, it was an easy stroll to get to the lounge.                         Lounging at the Club While I am no stranger to airport lounges over...

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Which Broadway Shows Have You Watched that You Would Highly Recommend?

I was most recently in Times Square for a Broadway show.  While I’ve only been to a handful of Broadway productions, one of the things I enjoyed is walking around the theater district and looking at how theaters promote their featured productions.  That, in itself, feels like a little treat. Seeing the options made me think about which Broadway shows I would recommend to others. Times Squares Theater District We passed by quite a few theaters in the area, but 3 particular signage stood out to me. 1. Anastasia This one stood out to me because I had no...

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Flight Review: Domestic First Class from Boston to Pittsburgh (BOS-PIT) on Delta

I recently flew from Boston to Pittsburgh.  The most common non-stop options for this route are Delta, Jetblue and American. For Jetblue and American, they mostly fly a one cabin aircraft.  Interestingly, Delta offers a 3-class cabins on this segment. I’d normally fly coach for short domestic segments, but I opted to try out First class cabin on Delta given a cheap upgrade deal. Trying out the Bombardier CRJ-900 There are 12 seats in the First class cabin, set in a 1-2 configuration.  I opted for a one seater on the left as it seemed to afford more space/privacy....

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Hotel Review: Intercontinental Times Square

I decided to stay at the Intercontinental Times Square for my most recent trip to New York City.  This was my second stay at the hotel, and I picked it again because of its extremely convenient location and proximity to the theaters. Spacious hotel lobby area Check-in was uneventful.  We were assigned a room on the 4th floor.  Keep in mind that there are two sets of elevators – one that takes you to the first 5 floors, and the others that take you to the higher floors.                   The lobby...

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