The Unaccompanied Flyer

Max Prosperi is a business management major based out of the Midwest. A sophomore in college stuck with the task of receiving an education, he still makes time to fly throughout the world. He’s learned how to maximize earning points and miles, travel cheaply, and fly as a teenager unaccompanied.

Review: WestJet Plus is a Surprisingly Enjoyable Experience

WestJet, Canada’s original low-cost-carrier, is making a rather rapid transition to a full-service carrier. Nowhere is this more clear than in the airline’s increasingly premium Plus product. Launched as a premium economy product, Plus was originally, rather standard and resembled an economy comfort product. Over time, additional amenities were added and on new aircraft, a new business class product was launched. We flew on a WestJet Boeing 737-700 still featuring the original product, and while the seats were not much of an upgrade, the in-flight service and amenities are a significant and welcomed upgrade.

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Your Questions About American Airlines Premium Economy Answered

Even with most reviews out there indicating that American Airlines Premium Economy is of great value, I completely understand why a traveler would still be hesitant to book or upgrade to premium economy. The fact of the matter is that, for many US-based travelers, premium economy is a new concept. So, after months of questions from TravelUpdate readers, I’ve decided to answer some of the top questions about American Airlines Premium Economy.

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Southwest Airlines’ Boeing 737 MAX Isn’t All That Bad

Southwest Airlines’ Boeing 737 MAX Is A Passenger’s Dream — If You Have to Fly Coach Earlier this past week, my work required that I fly to Omaha for a night. While I had my fingers crossed that I would be booked on a connecting flight operated by either American or Delta, I ended up being booked on a non-stop flight operated by Southwest Airlines. While many travelers dread airlines like Frontier and Spirit, my least favorite airline is Southwest. I certainly wasn’t thrilled knowing I would have to fly my least favorite airline however, I managed to put...

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WOWair St. Louis to Reykjavik Review, plus WOWair’s ‘Big Seat’

Trying Out WOWair From St. Louis to Reykjavik, Iceland – plus WOWair’s ‘Big Seat’ WOWair was founded in 2011 by an Icelandic business mogul. It wasn’t until 2012 that WOWair launched the airline’s first flights. Initial operations were very modest, to say the least. The newly launched low-cost carrier operated a handful of routes between Reykjavik, Iceland, and mainland Europe. With tourism in Iceland continuing to grow, WOWair was able to capture the low-cost lesuire segment of flyers in Europe. Rival Icelandair is a full-service carrier with fares to match. It wasn’t until WOWair purchased Iceland Express, another low-cost carrier,...

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I Couldn’t Use My American Express Card at the American Express Lounge Mexico City

During a recent visit to the American Express, The Centurion Longe Mexico City, credit card readers went down which kept servers from accepting American Express credit cards. Though this was an issue The Centurion Lounge’s end, multiple servers attempted to get me to pay cash for my $4 dessert. Some servers claimed the dessert would be on the house while others insisted I had to stay in the lounge until the credit card readers went back up. In addition to the American Express, The Centurion Lounge not accepting my American Express card, poor customer service, and a rather hostile environment will keep me out of this lounge in the future.

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3 Days Left To Get a Free 1 Month JetSmarter Membership (+ $1000 Free Seat)

Fly JetSuiteX or Other JetShuttle Flights and Get  One Month Family Membership Free With JetSmarter – Ends July 8th Bonus: Use the promo code JLL0KF when you join and receive $1000 in free seat credit I’ve been meaning to write about this promotion for a while now but kept getting caught up at work, in the sky with slow wi-fi, or out with friends. Finally, I have some time to share a really neat promotion with readers, however, you need to act fast as the promo ends in just three days. By now, you’ve probably already heard about JetSmarter, the private jet-sharing application that claims...

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Sun Country Airlines Emulates Allegiant With New Routes, Fare-Structure

Restructured Ultra-Low-Cost Carrier Sun Country Airlines Emulating Allegiant Air with New Routes and Business Model Sun Country Airlines, based just outside of Minneapolis-St. Paul, has always been somewhat of an enigma in the airline industry. With the airline industry undergoing massive consolidation over the past two decades, smaller regional airlines have vanished as they merged with larger airlines. Other smaller-sized air carriers attempted to restructure as low-cost carriers noting a shift in consumer trends towards cheaper fares. Some airlines like Spirit, Frontier, and JetBlue, successfully restructured or launched using this structure allowing them to survive liquidation or consolidation. Sun Country...

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Gogo 2Ku is Super Fast – Streaming Concerts and More on American Airlines

American Airlines is among three major US-based airlines to install Gogo’s new satellite-based wi-fi service in some of its aircraft. The first American Airlines aircraft to receive the service was N102UW previously operated by US Airways. Gogo 2Ku has been available on American Airlines since last July though on just a select few aircraft. I finally had the opportunity to experience American’s new Gogo 2Ku in-flight wi-fi on my way to Punta Cana. The service proved to be even faster and more reliable than I had expected.

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Swimming at The Airport – VIP Lounge Punta Cana Review

The VIP Lounge Punta Cana offers guests an array of standard airport lounge amenities. Typical amenities include free soft drinks, espresso drinks, basic alcoholic drinks, lite finger foods, areas to work and relax, and power outlets. The VIP Lounge Punta Cana in Terminal B offers all of these amenities plus one very unique amenity. Guests visiting the VIP Lounge in Terminal B also have access to a full-sized outdoor swimming pool with fantastic views.

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