The Unaccompanied Flyer

Max Prosperi is an aviation management major based out of the Midwest. A freshman in college stuck with the task of receiving an education, he still makes time to fly throughout the world. He’s learned how to maximize earning points and miles, travel cheaply, and fly as a teenager unaccompanied.

Review: My Air Canada Express CRJ-100 Experience

  An Enjoyable Hop from St. Louis to Toronto on an Air Canada Express CRJ-100 I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that the idea of flying on a Bombardier CRJ-100 makes the majority of flyers cringe or even sick to their stomach. I can’t say I enjoy flying on CRJs either, however, anytime I get to fly on a new airline usually results in an eventful and typically enjoyable flight. One thing that’s always annoyed me about travel blogging is how almost every review is some amazing first class product. Any frequent flyer will tell...

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Hitting My First Ever Spending Bonus – The Gold Delta SkyMiles Amex

I Just Hit My First Spending Bonus Ever and It Actually Caught Me Off Guard Nearly a month ago, I started my first semester of college. After taking a semester off, I’m relieved to finally be back on a campus studying and socializing. Though college is a fantastic experience both socially and academically, it’s unbelievably expensive. Everyone is fully aware of the typical expenses associated with college: tuition, books, room, and board. However, what many forget to include are the incidental expenses including supplies, dorm furniture and decor, and food off campus. So, what does college have to do...

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I Visited The Bahamas for 15 Minutes

I Spent Just 15 Minutes in The Bahamas Saturday, Here’s Why The island of San Salvador is one of the easternmost Bahaman islands. San Salvador is home to just over 900 full-time residents located almost entirely in the village of Cockburn Town. The island is just 63-square miles and features just one main highway. The island’s economy relies entirely on one sector: tourism. Tourism is the one and only economic sector on the island. Even then, tourism is relatively small compared to other Bahaman Islands. San Salvador features just four hotels or resorts, notably a Club Med resort. Though...

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I Love The American Airlines Casper Bedding

I Honestly Love American Airlines’ New Casper Bedding, Here’s Why In early December, American Airlines rolled out the airline’s new line of Casper premium bedding and linens. Casper was launched in 2014 and specializes in mattresses. Since its launch, Casper has become a sort of “hipster-mattress” company. Like many airlines today, American Airlines saw the opportunity to partner with a hip start-up and offer premium products onboard their flights. Other notable partnerships include JetBlue and Saxon + Parole, Delta and Malin and Goetz, and United and Cowshed. Before the introduction of the Casper premium bedding, American Airlines offered a...

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Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737 Overruns Runway, End Up on Cliff

Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 Overruns Runway at Turkish Airport, Comes to Stop On a Cliff Remarkable pictures are surfacing this morning after a Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 overran the runway at Trabzon Airport in Trabzon, Turkey. According to local media, the flight, PC8622, was scheduled to arrive in Trabzon at 11:25 PM. Upon landing, the aircraft overran the runway. The aircraft then slid down the side of the runway, stopping feet from the Black Sea. Pegasus Airlines flight PC8622, departed from Ankara-Esenboga International Airport at 10:30 PM. After a 52-minute flight, the aircraft was on final for Trabzon Airport....

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The Best In-Flight Steak I’ve Ever Had, Delta to Mexico City

Delta Serves Up a Surprisingly Fantastic In-Flight Steak on My Flight From Atlanta to Mexico City Ah, the in-flight steak; a staple of first class travel. When many think of the jet-age or the golden age of flying, images of well-dressed couples indulging in steak and lobster at 30,000 feet come to mind. However, anyone who’s flown in the past two or decades will tell you that the in-flight steak is, typically, anything but luxurious. The in-flight steak is usually conceived out of subpar cuts of meat in a warehouse near the airport. After it’s grilled or seared, the...

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Review: STL’s First Common Use Lounge, Wingtips Lounge St. Louis

Review: St. Louis’s First Common Use Lounge, The Wingtips Lounge St. Louis Airport Passengers traveling through St. Louis-Lambert International Airport’s busiest terminal will now have access to a private oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the airport. The Wingtips Lounge St. Louis, a common use lounge unaffiliated with any airline, will open its doors Friday, January 5th at 4:30 AM. The Wingtips Lounge St. Louis is the first common use lounge at St. Louis-Lambert International Airport and the first lounge to open in the airport’s busiest terminal, Terminal 2. Terminal 2 at St. Louis-Lambert International Airport is...

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Review: Delta One Sydney to Los Angeles

Flying Delta One on one of Delta’s Longest Flights, Sydney to Los Angeles Pretty much all of my last ten posts on TravelUpdate are about the same error fare. That error fare is the infamous error fare between New Zealand and the United States originally offered in early November. After nearly a month, I’ve finally had the time to sit down and write about my 26 hours in Delta One, Delta’s international business class. Though you would expect a phenomenal experience on a 12-14 hour flight on what is arguably considered one of the most premium routes in the...

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Review: The Makeshift Delta ONE Check-In Facility at LAX

Delta’s LAX Ground Experience is Lacking, to Say the Least I recently flew from Oakland to Auckland making two stops along the way: one in Los Angeles and another in Sydney. While there was nothing preventing me from being able to stay on the secure side of the terminal for the entirety of my travels, I wanted to get the full Delta ONE experience so I left the secured area when I arrived in LAX. Delta offers an exclusive Delta ONE check-in facility at LAX and having visited American’s Flagship check-in facilities at LAX, New York-JFK, and Chicago, I...

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American Airlines Premium Economy is Phenomenal

Surprisingly, American Airlines Has Hit It Out of The Park with Their New Premium Economy Product I just wrapped up my nearly 40,000-mile journey to and from Auckland, New Zealand, twice in just under two weeks. Though much of the trip I had the opportunity to sit in Business or First Class, both my flights to and from Auckland were in American Airlines Premium Economy. That means I’ve spent almost an entire day in American’s new Premium Economy product over these past two weeks. That being said, I feel as if I have a pretty good idea of the...

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