The Unaccompanied Flyer

Max Prosperi is an aviation management major based out of the Midwest. A freshman in college stuck with the task of receiving an education, he still makes time to fly throughout the world. He’s learned how to maximize earning points and miles, travel cheaply, and fly as a teenager unaccompanied.

Testing The Benefits of American Express Platinum Concierge Service

At $550, the American Express Platinum Card isn’t cheap but it’s loaded with benefits. One benefit that often goes unused is the American Express Platinum Concierge service. I decided to test the limits of the concierge service. I ended up with dinner at Craig’s in WeHo and 5th-row seats to a Lorde concert. Here’s how.

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My First Stay at an Airbnb: An Amazing Stay in SoCal

My First Stay at an Airbnb was Amazing — Will I Continue to Stay at Airbnbs Over Hotels? I belong to the generation that pioneered Airbnb and whose willingness to avoid chain hotels elevated the vacation rental application to unprecedented success, yet I only just completed my first ever stay at an Airbnb. I might belong to the Airbnb generation, but I just can’t motivate myself to ditch chain hotels. Why I Still Like Chain Hotels The main reason boils down to consistency. Consistency at Starwood Hotels, my preferred hotel chain, has never been an issue. However, that might change...

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ICYMI Last Week: April Fools and Airlines, More Cuba Flights, Some Great Reviews

ICYMI (3.26-4.2.18): Airlines Take on April Fools-Again, US Airlines Were Awarded Additional Cuba Slots, and a Bunch of Great Trip Reports Must Read Stories: WestJet’s April Fools Prank (OneMileAtATime) Emirates + Virgin Atlantic’s April Fools Pranks (LiveAndLetsFly) Delta Lowers Award Pricing to Asia (ThePointsGuy) A Bumpy Flight Aboard Delta Air Lines (ThePointsGuy) 5 US Airlines Awarded Cuba Slots (LiveAndLetsFly) United’s CEO Stole Sand from his Beach House (ViewFromTheWing) Trip Reports I’m Reading: China Eastern First Class PVG-LAX (OneMileAtATime) A Flight on American’s Retro 757 (ThePointsGuy) The Overrated Qantas First Class Lounge at LAX (The Unaccompanied Flyer) Lucky’s Intro to TAAG...

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Review: The Overrated Qantas First Class Lounge LAX

I Finally Got to Visit The Qantas First Class Lounge LAX, To My Surprise, I Wasn’t That Impressed It was recently brought to my attention that I complain and whine too much in my posts and on social media. After this was brought to my attention, I went back to my most recent posts and Tweets and noticed a pattern: I’m a spoiled brat. I’ve been actively working to create more positive content. However, I will not sacrifice honest opinions to appease some readers. That said, I really didn’t care for the Qantas First Class Lounge at Los Angeles International...

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ICYMI Last Week: $10k Travel Voucher, Amex Lounge Coming to Denver, and More

ICYMI Last Week (3.19-3.26): United Issues $10,000 Travel Voucher, American Express’ New Denver Lounge, and Air China’s New Route Must Read News Stories: United Issued a $10,000 Travel Voucher After Involuntary Passenger Bump (TravelUpdate- The Unaccompanied Flyer) American Express Is Opening a New Centurion Lounge in Denver (ViewFromTheWing) Air China’s Newest Route, Houston to Panama City, is Starting April 5th (OneMileAtATime) Qantas Started Flying Nonstop from Australia to the UK (OneMileAtATime) My Favorite Reviews from Last Week: Malaysia Airlines’ New Regional Business Class (The Points Guy – Zach Honig) My Impressive First Experience with American Express Fine Hotels and...

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United Just Gave Out a $10,000 Travel Voucher

After In-Voluntarily Being Kicked Off a United Flight, a Passenger Received a $10,000 Travel Voucher I’m sure we all recall the story of Dr. Dao a few months back. Remember Dr. Dao? Dr. Dao was the United Airlines passenger who was violently removed by Chicago-O’Hare police after United oversold a flight to accommodate deadheading crew members. Though the police are to blame for the violent nature of the removal of Dr. Dao, United handled the situation awfully. United ended up overbooking the flight for crew members just minutes before departure. Passengers were not happy and tensions ran high in the...

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ICYMI Last Week: United’s Dog of a Week, Flagship Champagne, Qatar Comparison

ICYMI (3.12-3.19): United Kills Cabin Pet, Loses Passenger’s Pet, American’s Changing Their Flagship Lounge Champagne, A Blogger Breaks Down Qatar First and Business Class United’s Awful Week: Covering The Dead Dog Saga United Flight Attendant Orders Passenger to Stow Cabin Pet in Overhead Bin, Passenger’s Cabin-Pet Dies During That Flight (LiveAndLetsFly) United Flight Diverts After Pet Loaded On Wrong Flight (OneMileAtATime) United Sends a Kansas Family’s Dog to Japan (ViewFromTheWing) United Charters Private Jet for Dog Sent to Japan (LiveAndLetsFly) United Kills Three Times As Many Pets Compared to Other US Airlines (OneMileAtATime) Must Read News Stories Southwest Kicks...

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My (Impressive) First Booking Through American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts

The American Express Platinum Card should be a staple in the wallet of any frequent flyer. With lounge access, the Membership Rewards program, travel credits, and the Fine Hotels and Resorts program, the annual fee pays for itself if the card is used correctly. I decided to book a hotel through the Fine Hotels and Resorts program to see just how beneficial this benefit is to the average traveler. At an attractive rate and offering amazing benefits during my stay, the Fine Hotels and Resorts program is a fantastic benefit. Here’s my full experience.

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The Best of Last Week: $9 Carry-On Fee, Avacado Toast

THE BEST OF LAST WEEK (3.5-3.11): A Bloggers Sobering Experience, United’s New Carry-On Fee, Avacado Toast at Admiral’s Clubs Must Read News Stories: United Implementing a New $9 Carry-On Fee (ViewFromTheWing) The Point’s Guy’s Best Airlines List (The Points Guy) American Airlines Pilot Attacks Gate Agent (ViewFromTheWing) United’s Screwing Over Employees on Bonuses (LiveAndLetsFly) A Few New Southwest Routes to Take A Look At (PointsMilesAndMartinis) Millennials Are Taking Over, Avacado Toast Coming to Admiral’s Clubs (OneMileAtATime) Image: The Point’s Guy’s Best Airlines Rankings My Favorite Reviews/Trip Reports This Week: China Airlines Airbus a350 in Business Class (OneMiletAtATime) Another Etihad Apartment...

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Video: BuzzFeed Reveals Flight Attendant Secrets

BuzzFeed Releases Another Air Travel-Centric Video Revealing Flight Attendant Secrets — My Take BuzzFeed, the trashy millennial media conglomerate that we’ve come to love to hate has released another air travel-centric video. This time, BuzzFeedVideo uploaded a video in which flight attendants reveal secrets about flying. By now, pretty much every publication has released some version in which flight attendants share secrets about flying. Google “flight attendant secrets” and you’ll get 653,000 results. Beating a dead-horse aside, I’ve decided to dive into BuzzFeed’s “Flight Attendant Secrets”. Watch: BuzzFeed’s “Flight Attendants Reveal Secrets About Flying” “Do not drink the airplane...

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