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Dominic is a full-time consultant who aims to bring you news and inspiration about the best travel experiences, destinations, and industry insights without all the unnecessary fluff. Focus is on American AAdvantage and Starwood / Marriott loyalty programs.

Airbus Being Investigated for Bribery and Corruption

Last week, the UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) announced a criminal investigation into allegations of fraud, bribery, and corruption related to Airbus’ civil aviation business. According to the short statement by the SFO: These allegations relate to irregularities concerning third party consultants. Back in April, the UK suspended Airbus for “lack of transparency with third-party payments” (Source: FCPA Blog). Germany and France followed suit by suspending their export-credit guarantee to Airbus, which is essentially an insurance policy for exporters (Airbus) in the case each particular country’s importers do not pay invoices. Sometimes, these guarantees are required in a financing deal. How many airplanes...

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The Full List of Airbus A380 Routes From North America

NOTE: Table below updated on 3 January 2018. ——————————————————————————————————- Author’s Note: As many have pointed out in the comments, there are some routes missing. That’s what I get for going to Airbus as the source. As such, this directory is a work-in-progress and I will be updating regularly as new information comes through. Hopefully it’s still a good source of information for you all! The Airbus A380 has been in production for a little over 10 years and with the almost year-old rumors of the program shutting down for good, I thought it would be cool to take a bird’s...

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The Complete List of Uber’s Airport Options

Depending upon where you are traveling to/from, Uber can sometimes be more than 100% cheaper than traditional taxis or car service. I know this is the case in my hometown of Philadelphia. The issue with Uber is that there are different laws governing their operational ability in every single market they operate in, which affects the type of services provided. Some cities like Tallahassee only offer UberX and UberXL services at the airport while others like San Diego International offer services ranging from UberX to UberESPANOL. This is important because if your city only offers UberBLACK then it might...

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How to Book Awards Using American AAdvantage Miles

Prior to AA’s March 2016 award devaluation, American miles were some of the best value miles on the planet. To some degree, they still are, but that largely depends on where and when you’re traveling. In this post I’ll show you how to identify possible routes, find award space, and book your tickets. The process is a bit tricky, but once you’ve done it a few times it almost becomes second nature. Identifying Possible Routes The first step in your award booking process should take you to either Google Flights or AwardNexus. The objective here is to discover all...

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Do You Need to Have a Business to Open a Business Credit Card?

Short answer = yes. The more important part of this question is tied to what type of business you actually have and how you might qualify for a business credit card using your eBay side hustle! My good friend Bryce over at published a piece today about this topic and I thought it would be a good time to let you all in on the “secret” that you don’t need to have a full-blown brick and mortar business to qualify. I recently applied for the Chase Marriott and SPG Business credit cards using my online award booking consultancy...

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5 Insane Airbnb Properties in Europe

I’m staying at my first Airbnb rental this September in Capri, Italy and I’m absolutely pumped. I hear nothing but great things about it but for me, being the points savage that I am, staying somewhere I can’t earn some type of point or mile is just counter intuitive. I’m warming up to Airbnb primarily because of the ridiculous properties listed for rent. I’ve always had a side of me that wanted to live like a baller so being able to rent this 3,000-sq ft villa in Portugal for $254 per night is reallllly tempting. I went perusing through Airbnb’s website and...

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How to Book Award Travel to Vienna

I’m in the process of planning a New Year’s Eve trip with my girlfriend and Vienna is one of the destinations on our wish list. Being a Philadelphia-based traveler is somewhat annoying, since American tends to close seasonal routes during the off-peak times to Europe (October-May). I also overheard on my last flight that AA will be squeezing more international flights out of PHL and pushing them to CLT or JFK. American denies this. With that said, AA doesn’t fly direct to Vienna from Philly anyway so no worries there. I was able to find a routing from Philadelphia to...

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Amazon’s “Prime Air” and How It Could Affect You

Amazon is beginning to take over the world and this hasn’t been a secret by any means. What started as an online click-and-mortar retail shop has now turned into a conglomerate focused on moving and storing lots of things as quickly and efficiently as possible. I buy most of my indulgences from Amazon and I’ll be the first to admit (sadly) that my life and things I do are somewhat tied to how quickly Amazon can provide it to me. Enter “Prime Air” Prime Air is Amazon’s newest creation in the quest to make the world better. Rather than...

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Anyone Home? American Eagle Flight Gets Stood Up at TYR

Recently, an American Eagle (operated by Envoy Air) flight 3499 from Dallas-Fort Worth to Tyler Pounds Regional airport had to turn around during the approach phase and return back to DFW. This was because the pilots couldn’t reach the ground crew at TYR. Tyler Pounds Regional airport is an extremely small facility with only one commercial airline and destination – American Eagle to DFW. Air traffic control at the airport is only active for around 16 hours per day from 6:30AM-9:30PM CDT. This is interesting because flight 3499 is presumably the final flight to arrive at TYR before the ATC facility...

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