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Wow! Just 4,500 Skymiles for a $100+ Flight!

I was searching for flights from Los Angeles to Denver and found a pretty enticing cheap Skymiles redemption. Just 4,500 Skymiles from Los Angeles to Denver!   Not a bad redemption! I used sample date of the week of October 26th. There seems to be plenty of availability throughout the month as well. Considering that the cash rate is $108 ($93 for basic economy). The nice thing is that award tickets aren’t booked into basic economy, so you can choose your seat (thank goodness!).     I’ve never seen a Skymiles award ticket priced this low! What are some...

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Berlin Tegel Airport is Super Small (Like Tiny)

Berlin Tegel Airport is that small?? Yes! Berlin Tegel Airport has to be the smallest International Airport I’ve ever been to! I didn’t know much about the airport before I went, but I did see some bad reviews for Tegel. Second Level Seating Gates 1 and 2 So, from check-in to the actual gate, it was probably only like 30 feet. My gate area has its own security for the two gates, and a sandwich cart. They fit a small duty free store as well, which shocked me considering there was only two gates. The bathrooms are small portables...

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Review: Juniper Hotel Cupertino, Curio Collection

  This is a throwback post! I forgot that I haven’t reviewed my stay at the Juniper Hotel Cupertino. It is currently part of Hilton, as part of the Curio Collection. Previously, the Juniper Hotel was a Kimpton Hotel and it was called the Cypress Hotel. Background: I needed a place to stay in NorCal for my visit to Berkeley last year after getting admitted. I choose to stay at the Juniper Hotel Cupertino as my aunt previously stayed there and said it was good! Plus, I really liked the Cupertino area from previous visits. Juniper Hotel Cupertino Short Review...

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Ridiculous? Now Delta’s Complaint Response Time is 45-60 Days

UPDATE: Delta replied in 48 days, on August 23rd! Delta Complaint: Earlier this month I posted, Been A Month And Delta Hasn’t Replied: Is That Reasonable? Originally, the auto-reply email to my Delta complaint stated that I would receive a response “long before 30 days has passed”. I did ask the Twitter team a month ago and the Twitter representative stated… “It may take up to 30-45 days.” Now, its been more than 45 days, and Twitter responded yet again with another delay. Now responses are 45-60 “business” days? Sheesh.   I wonder if they’ll change the Delta Complaint response time...

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A Surprise Cockroach at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport

  Cockroach?! It was around 9 P.M. and only one person was working the front desk at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport. The line to check in was a bit long, about 8 people deep. I wanted to change a room because the room I was assigned to was in the middle of a huge extended family that was very loud next door and hanging out in the hallways. I waited patiently in line, scrolling on my phone. Then I hear a scream from the lady behind me. AHHHHHHH!! Look at that disgusting cockroach on the floor. She then...

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Free Boat Ride & Pools at the JW Marriott Desert Springs

  I visited the JW Marriott Desert Springs a few days ago during my stay at the Marriott Desert Springs Villas 1, which I reviewed yesterday. As villa guests, we got complimentary access to the JW Marriott’s facilities (Only Monday-Friday). It was a short walk to the JW Marriott from our villa and the lobby was quite nice! The lobby has a huge atrium, with a bar in the center and at the ground level is a boat dock! They give boat ride tours of the hotel everyday! Exterior JW Marriott Atrium Lobby Front Desk The Boat Ride: They...

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Amazing Villa at the Marriott Desert Springs 1 Review

  I just got back from a mini-vacation for one night with my friends before some of them head back to school. We decided to visit Palm Springs, and I found a 2 Bedroom Villa at the Marriott Desert Springs 1 and decided it would be great for us! Palm Springs in the summer? Isn’t it HOT? Well yes, but my friends and I got super lucky as it was only 98 degrees the first day and 102 the second day! (versus 110+ the week before). Originally I booked the Marriott Desert Springs 2 because the rooms seemed to...

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How to Get $10 Hamilton Tickets!!

Right now Hamilton is in LA for their tour until December 31st at the Hollywood Pantages. They are reserving 40 orchestra seats for each performance for a lottery! How to enter the Hamilton Lottery for LA: You can enter one of two ways, through the Lucky Seat website or through the new Hamilton app, which you can download here! According to the Lucky Seat Website: “Entries for the lottery for each performance will be accepted until 9:00 AM PT the day before the performance. Winner and non-winner notifications will be sent via e-mail at approximately 11:00 AM PT the day...

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JetBlue NEVER Overbooks Their Flights??

I might be late to this but today I discovered that JetBlue never overbooks their flights?! Well, I guess you learn something everyday!  I was looking at a flight from Boston to Los Angeles and this note on the seat map popped out to me:   Interesting! I did some more research on this and found out that this doesn’t mean you won’t get bumped. JetBlue Never Overbooks? How can I still get bumped?! Well, according to the Department of Transportation, JetBlue had high involuntary bump rate for the year of 2016 at 0.92 per 10,000 passengers which was the...

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Review: $15 Vienna State Opera Tickets!

$15 Vienna State Opera Tickets? Tell me more! Vienna State Opera tickets go on sale around the less than 3 month mark, as of right now tickets are available for performances until the end of October. I found 15 EUR tickets online about 2 months before my trip to Vienna and booked them on the main website. I picked ones that only had 3 in a row, I’d thought it would be cool as it was more “private”. Some seats on the orchestra level go for upwards of 150 EUR! Let me just start off my saying the opera...

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