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Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Conrado has been a passionate AvGeek as long as he can remember. He travels often between his two homes- one in Houston, where he is a full-time student at Rice University, and the other in San Juan, where his entire family lives. He says "I want to inspire my generation to get on their feet and explore the world, and help them maximize their time, money, and points to make these experiences within their reach."

Etihad Lounge Review New York JFK

TL;DR The Etihad Lounge in JFK is a stunning piece of work. The architecture on the outside is beautiful, and the decorations inside are quite elegant. The lounge is only open around the times the airline flies out of JFK, and only open to Etihad/Etihad partner airlines premium customers. I enjoyed my time there, and appreciated the kindness of the staff. The Good: Beautiful design and elegant bar. The Bad: No lounge for First Class passengers, and made to order food menu was limited. The Noteworthy: There’s a secret lounge for Residence passengers that I could not find.  ...

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Cathay Pacific Business Class Review HKG-SYD

TL;DR Cathay Pacific offers an excellent ground experience in HKG. However, their Business class inflight experience was pretty underwhelming. The food was flavorful, but not of the highest quality, and their lack of mid-flight snacks blew me away. Even American offers snacks on Transatlantic flights. The Good: Excellent Ground experience, solid business class seat. The Bad: We had a two hour long delay, with little explanation as to why. No snacks on a 8+ hour flight. The Noteworthy: Food was underwhelming, and has made me hesitant to fly Cathay Pacific business class again.   Booking: I booked this trip...

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American Airlines Flagship Lounge LHR Review

TL;DR Although I visited before they began major renovations, the lounge still offered a quiet place to work and sit at London’s Terminal 3. However, there are other lounges in the terminal for OneWorld elite flyers that offer a superior experience. The Good: Very Quiet and peaceful environment, easy to find power ports. The Bad: Poor food spread, but they are planning to revamp the lounge food offering in the coming months. The Noteworthy: The PannaCotta they had was delicious, I mean, wow! It was something out of this world. For more lounge reviews, follow this link. Note: This review...

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Cathay Pacific The Pier First Class Lounge Review

TL;DR Cathay Pacific’s The Pier First Class Lounge is one of my all time favorite lounges. The massages, the food, the nap rooms, and the finishes are truly amazing. I would hands down recommend this lounge over any other in HKG, even over CX’s amazing The Wing First Class lounge (because of the massages). The Good: basically everything. The Bad: Honestly, nothing major to point out. The Noteworthy: Nap rooms have an amazing view of the runway, if you can try to snag one.   Arrival at HKG I got back from by three days in Hong Kong and...

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Where to Next: The Next Buisness Class I Want to Try

Most airlines in the past few years have been improving their onboard premium cabins, notable their business classes, at the expense of both economy and first class. Some airlines have removed first class altogether, and others have limited First class to certain niche markets. This has meant that business class has improved substantially. I have had a chance to try a few of the newest business class products, but there are so many out there that I can’t imagine being able to try them all. There are a few that I have been meaning to try for a while....

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Top 5 Countries I Want to Visit Next

The summer wanderlust is real. As temperatures rise, I want to just get on a plane and discover new places. For the past year I had been planning a trip to Asia for my graduation (more on that later), but in the interest of time, I had to leave out some countries I wanted to visit. While I decided which countries would be cut from the itinerary, I began to think of some of the other countries I wanted to visit. I thought of many place, but here are my top 5 countries I want to visit next. Colombia...

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Should I Switch From American to Delta?

Throughout my entire life, I have been an American loyalist. The airline offered the most connectivity out of Puerto Rico, and their product was not that much better or worse than their competition. However, over the past years, American has been slowly becoming worse and worse, making life more difficult for elite flyers. For example, adding a spend requirement and not offering a waiver has been very upsetting. The reduction of SWU from 8 to 4 and the termination of many of their codeshare partnerships have made the airline less attractive. Now, after studying all other airlines in the...

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The Next First Class Airlines I want to Try

For the past few years, I have had the chance to try out a lot of new airlines. From Ryanair to Emirates, I think I’ve been across the whole spectrum. Of course, my favorite class to travel in is First (whose isn’t it? lol), and so far I have a few airlines under my belt. As learn to finesse the means to obtain more points and achieve elite status, I am becoming more creative with which airlines I want to try out. For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to piece out the list of the top airline...

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Benvenuti: Kuwait Airways Adds Milan Malpensa Flights

The Persian Gulf is home to some of the world’s most aggressively expanding airlines. Saudia, Emirates, Etihad and Qatar are all located in this region, and are known throughout the world. However, the region is home to smaller airlines, such as Oman Air, Gulf Air and Kuwait Airways. These airlines are also expanding, but at a slower pace than their bigger neighbors. Kuwait Airways has been slowly retrofitting its fleet, from very old A340s, 777-200s and A320s, to newer A330s and their flagship 777-300ER. The airline has introduced a new cabin both aircraft. The 777-300ER offers one of the...

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Thalys First Class Review Cologne to Brussels

TL;DR As opposed to many other train First Class products, Thalys does offer a full meal service at your seat. Although this only applies to certain times of day, it is a very welcome service thought, especially when you are transiting to/from Brussels. The food was not a gourmet meal, but it hit the spot. It was also the first time I had fish on a train! The Good: Solid hard product, with the included meal makes for a pleasant 2 hour train ride. The Bad: The Deutsche Bahn lounge at Cologne was very basic, only had beer and...

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