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Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Conrado has been a passionate AvGeek as long as he can remember. He travels often between his two homes- one in Houston, where he is a full-time student at Rice University, and the other in San Juan, where his entire family lives. He says "I want to inspire my generation to get on their feet and explore the world, and help them maximize their time, money, and points to make these experiences within their reach."

FedEx Orders ATR 72-600

Over the past weeks, we have heard a lot about Bombardier and Embraer. The two regional jet makers have made headlines due to their newest aircraft. Bombardier’s C-Series was partly purchased by Airbus, and Embraer will soon launch their E2 Jets. The smaller jet makers, such as Mitsubishi RJ and COMAC in Japan and China have also had limited success for their jets. One major aircraft manufacturer that has not had the spotlight in a while has been ATR. ATR is known for their very successful ATR turboprop aircraft family. They fly all over the world, and are the...

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American Launching Reykjavik Flights

American Airlines has joined the foray of airlines flying to Iceland today. The airline has just announced flights from its Dallas Hub to the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik. This comes as a major surpirse, given the recent announcement of flights by other Icelandic carriers to the Texas city. The Flight The airline will launch flights on June 7th, 2018. American will launch the flight with one of their 757s, which have 16 business class seats and Main Cabin Extra. Business class has lie flat seats, but lacks built in IFE. The airline touts the flight will have its new...

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Review: British Airways Club Europe Madrid London

TL;DR British Airways disappointed me all around on this flight. Although it is nice to have a lie flat seat on such a short flight, I would appreciate good service too. The flight was delayed an hour, IFE screen was ancient, and food was dismal. The Pros: Lie Flat seat for such as short flight. The Cons: Terrible Crew Service, old IFE, mediocre meal. The Noteworthy: I got to see the Queen of the Skies on approach to LHR while we were also on approach. For more reviews, see here. Booking: I booked my flight using BA Avios. I...

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Will a Middle East Carrier Order Embraer Jets?

We are knee deep in the Dubai Air Show. Yesterday was the halfway point, and we have seen many orders, developments and amazing displays. Although I will have a full report on the occurrences at the show (specifically on product development and orders), I wanted to share a set of rumors I read online from a reputable source.   Embraer is known as the manufacturer of their successful ERJ family of jets. Their newer version of the jets, the E2 family, has had lukewarm reception. Many carriers, such as American, are still ordering E1 family jets because they can...

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The Millennial Traveler Flight Reviews

In order to index all my trip reports, I decided to make an easy page for all my reviews! This page will be dedicated to all my flight reviews and reports. There is also a page for all my lounge reviews here. For more information on each review, click the bold links!   Millennial Traveler Flight Reviews:   American Airlines Old Flagship First MIA-LAX Review American Airlines Flight Review: First Class A330 to SJU Flight Review: Air India 787-8 Business Class Flight Review: Etihad 777 First Class BOM-AUH Review American Airlines 757 Old Business Class Air Berlin A330 Business...

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Dubai Air Show Orders Predictions

As Boeing and Airbus get ready to square off at the Dubai Air Show, there have been multplie rumors about possible orders. It is no secret that this year has not been too nice on Airbus. They have been lagging Boeing on orders and deliveries, and their A380 jet has not received new orders in quite some time. Boeing has also been seeing a little bit of a lag in large aicraft orders, as most carriers continue to add 787s. In order to speculate what could happen at the Dubai Air Show, I went through most rumor websites, and...

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Will Ethiopian Launch Chicago Flight?

Lately, we have seen airlines launch countless new flights. WOW Air has been adding flights like crazy. Hong Kong Airlines recently started flights to LAX. LATAM is planning on launching flights to Tel Aviv. Although most of the growth has been focused in what are so called “developed” countries, there have been signs of growth in other areas. For example, Rwandair is looking to start flights to the US. Also in Africa, the one of the continent’s most successful airlines is looking to expand its route network. Ethiopian Airlines is planning on adding flights to Chicago.   The Windy...

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WOW Air Adds JFK Flights

In showing off their massive continuing expansion, WOW Air has added their upteenth destination in the US this year. WOW Air adds JFK to their route map, as the airline focuses on transferring passengers from the US to Europe via Iceland. WOW Air directly competes with Icelandair, the country’s nominal flag carrier. The Flight WOW Air will fly the route with one of their A321s. The aircraft is configured with 200 seats, in an all-economy layout. They will fly the route daily, and that will complement their existing flight to Newark (EWR). The flight will have the following schedule:...

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China Southern Boeing Expansion

As Chinese aviation market continues to expand, so do the airlines. Although we haven’t seen mega orders from Chinese carriers along the lines of the Indian budget carriers, they have been continually expanding. The most recent expansion plan comes by way of China Southern. The airline placed an order with Boeing to add to its short haul and long haul fleet.   The Order The airline placed an order for 38 aircraft, 8 777-300ER and 30 737MAX8. The airline plans to start refreshing its short haul route network with the 737s and continue to expand internationally with the 77W....

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American China Southern Codeshare Set to Begin

American Airlines purchased last year a nearly 3% of China’s largest domestic carrier China Southern. The purchase was seen as a way for American to get a bigger foothold in the Chinese market, as well as providing more connections to China. This is the second purchase of a Chinese carrier’s shares by a US legacy airline. Delta already owns part of China Eastern, another major Chinese carrier. As part of the airline’s cooperation, China Southern and American are set to start codesharing. American Codeshares AA has, in so far, only announced codeshares for domestic Chinese flights. These flights will...

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