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Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Conrado has been a passionate AvGeek as long as he can remember. He travels often between his two homes- one in Houston, where he is a full-time student at Rice University, and the other in San Juan, where his entire family lives. He says "I want to inspire my generation to get on their feet and explore the world, and help them maximize their time, money, and points to make these experiences within their reach."

New Lufthansa Long Haul-Berlin, Dusseldorf; End of Air Berlin?

For a few months now, we have known that Air Berlin was bordering bankruptcy. More recently, it was announced that Air Berlin would cancel long haul flights on October 15, 2017. This left a vacuum where Air Berlin used to operate, namely Berlin and Dusseldorf. To fill this void, Lufthansa plans to take over some Air Berlin routes. Among these, are the Caribbean routes that will be operated by Eurowings. These routes will be flown with former Air Berlin A330s. The next development is new Lufthansa long haul Berlin, Dusseldorf flights.   The Flagship Route to JFK As of...

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Who Buys Monarch Airlines?

Late last week, Monarch Airlines, one of the UK’s largest charter airlines, went into administration. This marks the largest bankruptcy of any UK carrier. The event stranded over 100,000 holiday goers, and forced the largest repatriation in the UK during peacetime. With the airline unable to maintain its schedule, and going as far as saying its Twitter feed would no longer be monitored, what will happen next?   Immediate Effects: With Monarch out of service, many airlines will have to step up to bring the bankrupt airlines customers home. This may include airlines like Thomas Cook, British Airways, Virgin...

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More Success: JAL Orders More 787 Planes

Japanese airlines have been very loyal to the 787. ANA and JAL were the two first customers of the 787, and have the two largest fleets of the plane. Although ANA has by far the largest number of 787s, JAL seems keen to add to their fleet. JAL ordered 4 more 787s, to fuel their expansion plans. The airline just a few years ago was struggling, as they retired their 747s, and cut some routes. Since then, JAL has had a strong resurgence. Their Joint Venture with American has been very fruitful, and they are adding partners throughout the...

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La Compagnie Orders A321neos

La Compagnie is one the more unusual carriers flying across the Atlantic. While most new airlines over the past five years have been flying on a low-cost, no frills model, La Compagnie has not. They have gone the exact opposite way, in fact. The airline offers a 757 fitted only with business class seats. They offer angled flat seats, however. Nonetheless, La Compagnie has defied all odds and survived. Their predecessors, like EOS and MaxJet have all gone bankrupt. OpenSkies, which used to be British Airways’ version of EOS now offers 3 classes of service. La Compagnie has (to...

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Alaska Aeromexico Part Ways

Alaska Airlines is the US’ largest carrier in the West Coast. The airline operates a solid network in that region, but it does not have a strong presence in the Midwest or the East Coast. The same issue applies to international service. In order to compensate for their limited network, Alaska has some of the most eclectic codeshare partners in the US. They partner with airlines from every alliance, and some that are unaffiliated. Recently, they maintained a codeshare agreement with Singapore Airlines that was to expire when Virgin America’s Elevate folded. They also partner with American Airlines, Air...

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British Airways Premium Transfers at Heathrow

British Airways is on track to spend £400 million on improving their onboard premium cabin experience. Although not many announcement have been made regarding their First cabin, Club World is getting a lot of improvements. The first announced was the enhanced meals on long haul flights. This was followed by the partnership between British Airways and the White Company to provide bedding and new amenity kits. Beyond this, late last month, British Airways announced premium passenger transfers at Heathrow. Say what? British Airways Transfers? Yeah, you heard it right. British Airways will begin transporting their premium passengers if they...

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Imitation Game: Icelandair Adds DFW

Over the past few months, Iceland has become a hotbed for airline expansion. It’s two hometown airlines, WOW Air and Icelandair, have added destinations in the US. This expansion has been fueled by low fuel prices and strong demand for travel across the Atlantic. Historically, Icelandair was the leading airline in Iceland, but WOW Air has played an aggressive game of catch up. Last month, WOW Air added Mid West Destinations, only for Icelandair to add Cleveland to the list as well. Once again, Icelandair is playing catch up to WOW Air, but this time in Dallas. WOW Air...

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Cathay Pacific Orders A321Neo

Cathay Pacific has been having a rough time recently. The airline has been bleeding money, and have faced tougher competition from a multitude of carriers. The airline had expanded their partnership with Air China, and equity holder in the company. This didn’t seem to help much, and the airline is still finding itself trying to outmaneuver some of their competitors. The airline will face competition on the long haul market when Hong Kong Airlines adds new TPAC (trans-Pacific) service. Shorthaul-wise, the airline is facing competition from HKA, and from Hong Kong Express, an ULCC.   Enter Cathay Dragon Cathay...

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Qantas 787 Ready for First Flight

Qantas is set to receive their first 787-9 in the coming months. Last week, the aircraft exited the paint shop at Boeing’s factory. The aircraft has been fitted with seats and interiors, and is slated to take its maiden flight in the coming days. The aircraft will be Qantas’ new flagship aircraft. The formal delivery of the aircraft will be in the next coming weeks, October 16th.   What to Expect Qantas’s 787 is painted in its new livery, coined as Silveroo. The difference between this livery and the old one is the stylization of the word “QANTAS” on...

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Tokyo Cuts: Delta Ends Guam Flights

A few months ago, I reported that Delta was greatly reducing their flights from Tokyo. The airline had inherited a hub from Northwest that linked up many major Asian cities to Tokyo. Since the merger with NWA, Delta has been slowly reducing their presence in Narita. The airline plans to continue cutting flights, as Delta ends Guam flights.   Current Guam Flights: Delta currently flies a 757 on this route. There are two daily flights, but come early October, Delta will cancel the first of these two flights. By January 8th 2018, Delta would have pulled all flights from...

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