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Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Conrado has been a passionate AvGeek as long as he can remember. He travels often between his two homes- one in Houston, where he is a full-time student at Rice University, and the other in San Juan, where his entire family lives. He says "I want to inspire my generation to get on their feet and explore the world, and help them maximize their time, money, and points to make these experiences within their reach."

Review British Airways Club World LHR JFK

TL;DR I had flown British Airways First class multiple times, but this was my first time flying them in Club World. I came in with pretty low expectations, and was somewhat surprised. Although the seat is narrow, the IFE screen had great resolution. The food was good, but the crew left something to be desired from. The Good: Solid IFE Screen, with a selection that didn’t  require watching the same ad over and over again before each show. The Bad: The crew was flat out lazy. They just relaxed in the back of the cabin, and waited about 5...

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Review DFW Minute Suites Lounge

TL;DR Minute Suites is a collection of day rooms. Some of these are part of the Priority Pass Network, and the one at DFW is a wonderful option for those looking to have a restful break. I would highly recommend people to use their 1 hour pass from Priority Pass here when they transit through DFW. For those wanting to stay longer or without Priority Pass, you can purchase access. The Good: Quiet Room, comfortable sofa bed, large TV. The Bad: No in-room bathroom, somewhat small size, water bottles were for purchase. The Noteworthy: Rooms were very sound proof,...

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New Etihad Baggage Policy Announced

Etihad Airways has been cost cutting a lot over the past few months. They have even announced that passengers in economy can purchase a First Class amenity kit for themselves. This stems from the airline having lost a lot of money on some investments, and sluggish passenger growth. The airline has been trying to find ways to nickel and dime people since then, and it shows on their Business class experience. Well, it seems the airline just did something in favor of Economy class passengers, but against premium cabin passengers. A new Etihad baggage policy was just announced today....

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Review British Airways Club Europe Rome LHR

TL;DR British Airways offers a product that is sub-par to even US carrier’s business class. Between the indifferent crews, bland meal, and horrible hard product, it is difficult to imagine paying outright for business class on such a short flight. The Good: Blocked Middle seat, which happens to me often on some American Airlines flights in Main Cabin Extra. The Bad: The seat reclines just like an economy seat, same legroom as economy, lackluster food. The Noteworthy: I got to see some exciting aircraft at FCO.   For more flight reviews, see this link.   Booking: This flight was...

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Emirates Launches Santiago Chile Flights

Emirates Airlines recently won a major victory in the US. They and the other two ME3 carriers were left largely unscathed after a years long battle with the US Big 3. As the Middle East airlines continue their expansion, mainly Emirates and Qatar, Etihad has started to shrink. They blame their bad investments in other airlines, and I expect that the airline will soon reduce their fleet size or defer orders to avoid growing too fast. Emirates, on the other hand, recently announced a cabin overhaul for their 777 aircraft. It has the best first class product out there...

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Your Mileage May Vary: Escalator Etiquette

Recently, reader Hirsch mentioned how there is a set etiquette when you are on moving walkways. Traditionally, it goes “stand on right, walk on left”. In most cases, people do actually observe this rule. I have encountered cultures, however, that do not follow this rule, and simply amass themselves in the middle of the walkway, making it impossible to pass through. Hirsch mentioned that there is no similar etiquette when it comes to escalators. Why is that?   My Experience in Germany Although Hirsch has a point, the times I have visited Germany and Austria, people do obey escalator...

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Your Milage May Vary Opinions

After much consideration, I have decided to start a series of opinion articles. These may inspire controversy, as well as stir up questions among you that I hope leads to new ideas and opinions. The purpose of the Your Mileage May Vary Opinions is to gauge what people think about some of the more sensitive topics in aviation. Things will range from business interests, to aviation politics, to quirky occurrences that happen every day in the sky. If you have any ideas or topics you want to discuss, email    How will you cover these themes? Well, I plan...

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Alaska Airlines JFK Lounge Opening In April !!

Alaska Airlines has been busy with their merger with Virgin America since December 2016. Last week, the airline obtained a single operating certificate from the FAA. This means that the airlines now operate as one, for regulatory purposes. The airline has since been introducing service enhancements on board. One example is the introduction of a new first class seat, as well as adding extra-legroom seating. A new improvement for passengers is their new lounge at JFK. It seems the lounge has an opening date, well, month. It is expected the Alaska Airlines JFK Lounge opening will be in April....

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Alaska Airlines Paine Field Routes

Alaska Airlines has been fighting the heat from Delta Airlines in its hometown of Seattle. The two airlines used to be partners, but since last year, they ended their relationship. The fight did not end there, however. Alaska Airlines cut will cut ties with Aeromexico and Air France/KLM soon, as pressure from Delta mounts. In order to secure its place in Washington state as the “hometown airline” Alaska will start flights to Paine Field. Paine Field is better known as Everett, where Boeing has its aircraft manufacturing and assembly plant. Last year, it was announced that the airport would...

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Review Austrian Airlines Business Class London to Vienna

TL;DR Austrian Airlines’ intra-European business class offers a solid soft product, but their seats are slimline and uncomfortable. Although I am used to European style short haul business class, slimline seats make the experience so much worse. The Good: Excellent food on a short flight, although only one hot option for breakfast. The Bad: Just another slimline seat with the middle seat blocked off. The Noteworthy: One of the few full-service airlines that offer Wifi on intra-European flights. For more airline and travel reviews, see this link. Booking: I booked this flight at the last minute. I had originally planned to fly from LHR to San Juan, PR via PHL on American. After a ticketing issue with American occurred, my flight was abruptly cancelled, and my money refunded. Since I had no way to return to the US, and I did not plan on buying a full-fare one way business class ticket, I used my American Express Membership Rewards points to book a flight. I transferred points to Aeroplan, which they transferred instantly. I looked up award availability online, and was able to book the flight on their website. The only flight that would take me to San Juan the same day was via JFK on Austrian. I had always been interested in trying out Austrian’s coffee menu on long haul business class, so when the opportunity presented itself,...

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