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Trent is a European based author covering airlines in the oneworld alliance, plus those flying in the Irish, British and Australian markets. He also produces comprehensive and unbiased flight reviews. For variety, Trent intersperses all of this with pieces on aviation history, commentary on current industry happenings and travel tips for frequent and infrequent flyers.

Can You Fly Emirates And Earn British Airways Avios?

Some secrets need to be revealed and British Airways have a big one when it comes to Emirates. The two airlines ostensibly have no affiliation with each other and Emirates is not a member of any of any of the three global alliances. The airlines are standard competitors in the industry and there appear to be no links between the two. Or is there? Qantas and Emirates Partnership In 2013, Emirates and Qantas formed a close partnership together which meant that each airline placed the others code on their flights. This would allow a person to book a ticket...

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Review: Dublin Airport DAA Executive Lounge T1

The Dublin Airport Authority or DAA operate two lounges which are used by a variety of carriers serving the airport. These include Lufthansa, Swiss, KLM, British Airways, CityJet, Iberia and Turkish Airlines. In addition, the lounges are available to members of the Priority Pass scheme or by paying a fee of €20.00 upon entry for the general public. The lounge food and beverage offering has been given a thorough make over this year and this review will mainly focus on the improvements in this area. DAA Lounge T1 You turn left out of security screening and climb stairs to...

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Review: Brooklands British Aviation and Motoring Museum

The Brooklands Museum is located in the United Kingdom in Weybridge, which is approximately 30 minutes by train from London Waterloo station. In 1907, Brooklands was the world’s first purpose built motor racing circuit and it was also the home of Vickers, who manufactured aircraft on site from 1915. Today the site is a museum and has an extensive collection of British aircraft (which this review will focus on) and vintage cars and motorcycles. Ticket Prices It is £11.00 for museum entry and an additional £5.00 to go on a Concorde flight. I entered the museum from the wrong...

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Review: Premier Inn Hotel London Hammersmith

Premier Inn is a chain of budget hotels throughout the United Kingdom. The advertising campaign promises “Everything’s Premier but the price” which is to say you get a decent clean room without paying over the odds. Hotel prices in London can be eye watering so I usually stay in a Premier Inn when visiting which is a few times each year. Check-In Online check-in is available prior to your stay and upon arrival you get your room key from the automated kiosk. There is an attendant nearby if you run into trouble which is very good as the automatic...

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Review: British Airways Lounge Glasgow

Glasgow is a lovely city to visit and an added bonus for me was my first visit to the British Airways lounge at Glasgow Airport. The airport itself is a bit of a warren of corridors so I was happy to arrive at the lounge. Here be lounge Dragons! Pleasingly navy blue! The navy blue entrance surround in Glasgow follows the same theme as the lounge in Washington D.C. and at other locations. Food and Drink There is a decent array of food and beverages on offer in the lounge to suit a variety of tastes. The items are...

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How Do You Get The Best Service On Flights?

A great deal of people who experience bad service bring it upon themselves. It tends to be a certain type of person who happens to be the unlucky one (again!) who receives bad service and is affronted by it. These people should take a good look in the mirror to see what it is they are doing wrong before pointing the finger at hard working service personnel. I always receive good service on board a flight. Sure, I have been more or less ignored on one or two flights and on others given the bare minimum of service but...

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Why is Buy On Board Food Best for British Airways?

British Airways will introduce food for purchase on their European network from 11 January 2017. Passengers in Euro Traveller and UK Domestic were hitherto provided with complimentary food on board so this is a huge change. Online reactions have been mixed. Some people vow never to fly British Airways again and others are completely ambivalent to the idea. Here is why I think this is the right decision. Complimentary does not equal good! The current complimentary food British Airways serves on some routes is quite frankly insulting. Unhealthy choices such as a small packet of crisps or a bag...

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Review: Hotel Vueling BCN by HC in Barcelona

Hotel Vueling BCN by HC is an airline and travel themed hotel in Barcelona, Spain. My friends booked this hotel due to its proximity to where our friends were staying and its competitive price. The web site states that Vueling by HC is “a new concept in urban hotels resulting from alliance between two leading brands in Europe’s tourist sector.” The two brands are Hotels Catalonia and Vueling Airlines and the hotel is certainly interesting! Hotel Vueling BCN by HC The hotel is fairly nondescript from the outside with the entrance being fairly subtle. Once inside, the lobby is...

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Flight Review: British Airways UK Domestic

Domestic routes within the United Kingdom at British Airways feature a single class of service which is economy class. Tickets are purchased as hand baggage only or including baggage and food and drink on board is complimentary. A typical flight is reviewed here. BA1487 – Glasgow to London Heathrow (GLA-LHR) 25 September 2016 Airbus 320-200 G-EUYW Seat: UK Domestic 3F Departure: 14:15 Arrival: 15:45 Boarding commences with a call for Executive Club Gold, Silver and Bronze members which is quite a number of people. British Airways would be smart to amend the boarding process to call the people in...

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History: To USA in 1965 by BOAC Vickers Super VC10

The British built Vickers VC10 and Super VC10 are my favourite aircraft hands down. There is something about the engines being placed at the rear along with the elegant styling that appeals to me. British Pathé have a lot of their old newsreel films on YouTube and here is one about the VC10. It features a proving flight between London and New York, then a short flight to Boston for the travel trade. The video is around 4 minutes duration and it is worth a peek. Vickers VC10 Film The cabin shots of both First Class and Economy Class...

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