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Trent is a European based author covering airlines in the oneworld alliance, plus those flying in the Irish, British and Australian markets. He also produces comprehensive and unbiased flight reviews. For variety, Trent intersperses all of this with pieces on aviation history, commentary on current industry happenings and travel tips for frequent and infrequent flyers.

Experience history with the British Airways Centenary Archive Collection

You would be hard pressed not to know that British Airways is celebrating 100 years in 2019. There have been lots of communications around it, but my favourite part is the Centenary Archive Collection. The back room boffins in England have put together an astonishing array of material on a dedicated web site for everyone to see. Containing images and video from the airline’s long history, it’s a feast for the eyes. Centenary Archive Collection Highlights At the top of this post, you can see First Class on the BOAC Boeing 747-136, introduced in 1971. Elegance is the word...

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How many flights do airline alliances have in Dublin?

All three major alliances serve Dublin Airport, which was the 13th busiest facility in Europe in 2018, serving over 31 million passengers. Considering the population of Dublin is not much over 1 million people, it’s some feat! Let’s have a look at each alliance, which airlines serve Dublin and to where. If you’re a frequent flyer, you should find this very useful information for accruing points and status. Star Alliance People flying with Star Alliance are spoiled for choice, with ten airlines serving Dublin. The network is decent, with service to Europe, Canada, USA and even to Africa. Aegean...

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Do you know Qantas are flying extreme research flights?

To say I am excited about Project Sunrise at Qantas is an understatement. As an Australian, it is the final link in connecting our country in one stop to the world’s major cities. In the name of research, the Aussie carrier is doing some epic flights. Announced today are special research flights, two non-stop from New York to Sydney and one non-stop from London to Sydney. This will be the first time a commercial airliner has operated a flight between New York and Sydney. Why Are They Doing This Research? Since the proposed Project Sunrise flights will become the...

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Does anyone remember Airbus cracking the US market?

Airbus cracking the US market was one of the most important things in that companies history. Without that, the aviation industry we know today would be very different. Their lead product, known as the Airbus A300, entered airline service on 30 May 1974 with Air France. Despite sales tours around the world, less than 25 aircraft were in service by the end of 1976. The new manufacturer was struggling to gain momentum. Airbus Cracking The US Market Following on from the video last week about the BAC One-Eleven, this week we take a look at the early history of...

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Check out the new Thai Airways Royal Barge special livery

Thai Airways have a history of painting the royal barge on their aircraft. In the past, this has appeared on a Boeing 747-400 as well as an Airbus A330-300. This time the livery appears on a Boeing 777-300, marking a return for what is officially called the Suphannahong Royal Barge. A detail of the livery is at the top of this article, showing a rowing team with oars raised which is symbolic of birds in flight. Royal Barge Boeing 777 The reason this aircraft has been styled this way is to commemorate the Royal Coronation Ceremony 2019, which took...

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Boeing 777-8 on hold, implications for Project Sunrise at Qantas?

Project Sunrise is the desire for Australia’s Qantas to be able to fly from Sydney to London and New York non-stop. Today there has been news that Boeing have put development of the Boeing 777-8 on hold, which could mean implications for the project. Both Airbus and Boeing are pitching aircraft capable of flying the 17,016 kilometre (10,573 mile) journey without a fuel stop. Airbus are said to be offering the Airbus A350-1000, while Boeing are pitching the Boeing 777-8. Implications for Project Sunrise According to Flight Global, there are just 53 Boeing 777-8 aircraft on order. These are...

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Norwegian to cease all US flights from Ireland, citing 737 MAX issues

Norwegian are going to cease all transatlantic flights between Ireland, the USA and Canada from 15 September. The continued grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX is cited as the reason for this. Currently the airline operates from Dublin, Shannon and Cork to New York Stewart, Providence and Hamilton. These routes have operated since 2017, but are soon to end according to the press release issued today. Norwegian Provides Reasons Due to the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX, having to lease in aircraft to cover the flights has apparently made them unsustainable. Considering short term leases can be expensive,...

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Another First/Business class flight sale I can’t avail of

I have mentioned before that I generally travel solo, which means when airlines have a sale where two people have to travel, I am unable to avail of the deal. Looks like it’s happened again! This time it’s British Airways offering some eye popping deals on First and Club World flights. These are genuinely good fares out of the United Kingdom. Can You Avail Of The Sale? In order to book these tickets, you must be two people travelling. This means those who are couples of who may be a pair of friends are more than welcome to avail...

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Does anyone remember the little BAC One-Eleven?

The BAC One-Eleven was a short haul aircraft seating around 89 passengers, produced by the British Aircraft Corporation, first taking flight on 20 August 1963. Revenue services began with British United Airways between London Gatwick and Genoa on 9 April 1965. Technologically advanced, the BAC One-Eleven (sometimes styled as 1-11) was the first passenger aircraft with a T-tail. This led to the discovery of the phenomenon called a deep stall, which was unique to aircraft with this kind of tail configuration. BAC One-Eleven Video Following on from the previous video about the Soviet Ilyushin IL-62, this time we head...

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