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Trent is an Australian flyer in "exile" in Ireland. You'll find detail about his flights and other travel related experiences, all of which is self-funded. As a result of his undying passion for the premium classes, he has been reduced to an affordable diet of bread and water when at home.

Last Call To Fly On A British Airways 767 Plus 747 News

It is almost the end of the line for the Boeing 767-300ER at British Airways as the last seven aircraft in the fleet are due for retirement by the end of 2018. In related news, British Airways expect the Boeing 747-400 to leave the fleet by the beginning of 2024. You therefore have a few more years to fly on the Queen of the Skies. British Airways 767 What I find interesting about the 767 fleet at BA is the fact that the very first one is still in service. This aircraft was delivered in April 1990 which means...

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Unbeatable Fares in the Qatar Airways Business Class sale

Qatar Airways are having a business class sale at the moment to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. There are other fares on sale also, but the business class sale fares are particularly excellent. As the current holder of the World’s Best Business Class from Skytrax, bagging a deal and flying it is well worth while. I have raved about it on more than one occasion in reviews. Let’s have a look at the deals. Terms and Conditions First In order to take advantage of the business class sale fares, you need to book for two passengers. A single traveller will...

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12 Essential Features of World Class Airline Lounges

There are a few essential features of great airline lounges that I wish to share with you. These are purely my opinion but I daresay many of you will agree with me. A lounge should provide a distraction from the airport experience providing that oasis of calm before travelling. Some lounges get it and some just have no idea. Here are the features I find most important in no particular order. Eye Catching Entry Ever seen those lounge entryways that resemble a door to an office? Me too! It is essentially very boring, totally lacking any wow factor at...

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Go Contactless on the Tube and Bus in London

London is one of the best cities in the world to get around, with its excellent Tube service and buses. The Tube, or London Underground, is one of the easiest mass transit systems to use. For years there has been a card called an Oyster Card which you use to pay for public transport in London. The rates are cheaper than buying standard tickets and almost everyone has one. There’s a new kid on the block now though! Contactless Cards Many cards issued by banks now have a provision for contactless payment which means you can wave your card...

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Pictures of Singapore Airlines New Suites Leaked

Singapore Airlines are introducing new suites on the Airbus A380 when the next batch of aircraft are delivered. These have been under wraps for a while but pictures are now being circulated showing what could be the new product. The pictures appear to be of an enclosed suite that contains both a bed for sleeping and an arm chair for relaxing. If this is the new product, it looks pretty nice indeed. New Suites? Hopefully So! Below appears to be one of the suites in a double bed configuration. Singapore Airlines already has this option so perhaps this is...

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British Airways Mixed Fleet Cabin Crew Agree New Deal

British Airways Mixed Fleet cabin crew have accepted a new wage deal at the airline. This will mean the end of industrial action which has forced the airline to hire in replacement aircraft and crews to cover the schedule. Flight Global indicate in an article by Michael Gubisch that the Unite union states crew “will receive inflation-adjusted pay rises between £1,404 ($1,864) and £2,908.” This is good news for all parties concerned. What Is Mixed Fleet? Cabin crew at British Airways are divided into three separate groups. One group is called Worldwide and they operate long haul flights only....

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All Singing, All Dancing With Live Music On Southwest

Imagine my surprise today when I found out that Southwest Airlines in the USA has live music on some of its flights. Apparently there is some thing called Live at 35 which is an in air concert series. This is a partnership between Warner Music Nashville and Southwest so I assume the style of music is country. It certainly is something pretty different even if it has apparently been happening since 2011! What rock do I live under? Music In The Sky Isaac Weeks writes in Billboard Magazine that, “Southwest passengers hope that their flight will be one of...

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That Sinking Feeling When You Get A Bus To Your Aircraft

It’s generally a bad day when you commence boarding your aircraft and you realise you’re going to be taking the bus. The sinking feeling you get is very real. During summer it is much more likely that you will need to get the bus to your aircraft as the airports are usually much busier. You can really tell when an airport doesn’t have enough infrastructure to cater for the demand. Sinking All The Way When Flying Business Class While taking the bus is pretty bad, it is much worse when you are flying business class or have priority boarding....

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Is Pre-Boarding For Families With Children Really Needed?

One thing that mildly irritates me at the airport is the families with children – particularly those with quite big children – pre-boarding before everyone else. Watching a family with teenage age children taking advantage of boarding first makes me raise an eyebrow. Pre-boarding for families with small children is part of the boarding process for most airlines. It struck me recently that it may not actually be needed. Should Families Get Priority? I recently flew with Ryanair a couple of times and it struck me that they do not pre-board families with children. If you have Priority Boarding,...

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Beautiful Aircraft: French Sud Aviation Caravelle

What do you get when you take a de Havilland Comet nose, French aerodynamic ingenuity and design plus Rolls-Royce Avon engines? The stunningly beautiful Sud Aviation Caravelle. Entering service in 1959 with Scandinavian Airlines, the Caravelle was the first short-medium range jet aircraft produced. It was in production through to the early 1970s and there are some unique features of this aircraft which make it particularly interesting. Those Caravelle Windows Windows on the Caravelle are a curved triangle shape. These afford the same view downwards while being smaller than conventional windows. They look pretty good, I must say. No...

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