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Trent is an Australian frequent flyer living in Ireland. With a focus on airlines such as Aer Lingus, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways and Qantas, he is known for his detailed flight and lounge reviews. Articles posing flying related questions plus occasional articles on aviation history also feature from this author.

Aer Lingus AerClub reaches one million frequent flyers

Frequent flyers have taken to the Aer Lingus AerClub in droves, with the Irish carrier announcing their one millionth member. The programme has been open for just two years, so this is quite an achievement. AerClub uses the Avios currency, which is also used by British Airways, Iberia, Vueling and other selected airlines. Members can earn points by flying plus a range of day to day spend as well. Frequent Flyers Everywhere I really enjoyed reading the press release about it as it provided a number of interesting details. When I saw one million frequent flyers, I thought that...

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China Southern is leaving SkyTeam, will they join oneworld?

China Southern Airlines has announced it will not renew its membership of the SkyTeam alliance from 1 January 2019. Transition arrangements are expected to last for up to a year. The official reason for departing SkyTeam is to follow the industry trend where airlines cooperate directly in arrangements such as joint ventures. Influencing the decision may have been Delta’s $450 million investment into competitor China Eastern back in 2015, giving China Southern less clout in the alliance. What next for China Southern? There is a close relationship between China Southern and American Airlines, after the latter invested $200 million...

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Qantas offering discounted airfares to regional residents

Australia is a similar size to the United States when it comes to land area, however the population is just 25 million people. This means residents in regional communities are a long distance away from a major city. Qantas are offering discounted flights to residents in certain cities on flights to their closest capital city which is bound to be welcome as the fares on these routes can be quite high. Qantas Residents Discounts There are a number of routes that qualify for the discount. The only conditions are that you must be a resident of the town, it...

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Would you eat honey produced by bees at an airport?

Dublin Airport has over 250,000 Irish dark native honeybees on airport land. A local beekeeper with 15 years experience tends to the hives which are now producing plenty of honey. Back in May, the airport announced the honey – called Nect-Air – was available in their airport lounges. They have now gone one step further and it’s available for purchase at the Marquette restaurant in Terminal 1. Irish Dark Native Honeybee An outbreak of disease in the 19th century was thought to have made this type of bee extinct. Happily, in 2017 it was found the bee was living...

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Does anyone remember the British Aerospace ATP?

The British Aerospace ATP is a turboprop airliner produced which was produced in Great Britain. It first flew on 6 August 1986 and entered service with British Midland in May 1988. Designed as an evolution to the Hawker Siddeley HS 748, the aircraft seated 64 to 72 passengers. Intended for short range routes, this efficient aircraft sold only 64 examples. British Aerospace ATP Video Following on from last weeks video on the Tupolev Tu-104, this week there is a short two minute video about the ATP. What does ATP stand for? Advanced Turbo Prop of course! The video was...

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Air China flash sale with great business class deals to Australia

Star Alliance carrier Air China is having their annual flash sale for 10 November and 11 November. There are some excellent deals available which are well worth checking out. The best deals are departing Germany, with some very competitive fares available in business class. People travelling to Australia and New Zealand will find the best value of all. Air China Flash Sale Originating in Munich, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf finds the most attractive deals. Business class tickets to Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland are priced starting from €1,506 return. How good a deal is this? It is excellent! British Airways routinely...

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Why are Macarthur Job’s Air Disaster books essential reading?

The aviation industry takes safety incredibly seriously. Accident investigations are usually thorough and the lessons learned are applied globally. This is why flying is statistically one of the safest modes of transportation. Australian writer and air safety consultant Macarthur Job wrote four books about commercial airline accidents. These four books are easy to read, informative and should be essential reading for anyone interested in aviation. Air Disaster Volume 1 First published in 1995, Air Disaster Volume 1 covers the early years of jet transport. Opening with the series of de Havilland Comet accidents, the book goes on to cover...

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Inconsistent and ugly seats on British Airways’ Airbus A320neo

Aircraft cabin interiors are designed to be a showcase of the airline you are flying. The interior elements such as seat design and choice of upholstery usually reinforce the brand. British Airways have decided to have their new Airbus A320neo cabin feature two types of seats. Up front are the current seats and about half way down the are the new lightweight space saving seats. No big deal, right? Inconsistency on the A320neo When I board a flight, I can usually tell which airline I am on. Qantas have a very specific look to their cabins, as does any...

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A three class Airbus A350-1000 at British Airways is no big deal

British Airways will be introducing the new Airbus A350-1000 next year. The carrier has also announced it will feature three classes, Club World, Premium Economy and World Traveller. Much has been made about the fact that the aircraft will not feature First Class. Some predict the end of this class in Europe, but the reality is somewhat different. British Airways Airbus A350 Anyone who has any knowledge of British Airways will know that First Class is not featured on all their aircraft. Many long haul jets are configured exactly the same as the new Airbus A350. The Boeing 787-8...

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Who likes the Mobile Lounges at Washington Dulles airport?

Washington Dulles International Airport opened in 1962 and featured mobile lounges to get people to and from the aircraft. These vehicles are essentially large buses that look like some kind of futuristic lunar rover. Over the years they have gradually fallen out of use, as airport design changed and underground train systems came into favour. Dulles is one of the few airports with the lounges – often called Plane Mates – still in use. Mobile Lounge History Sometimes we forget that people in the past had great design ideas. Mobile lounges are designed to save people having to walk...

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