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Trent is an Australian frequent flyer living in Ireland. With a focus on airlines such as Aer Lingus, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways and Qantas, he is known for his detailed flight and lounge reviews. Articles posing flying related questions plus occasional articles on aviation history also feature from this author.

Do you know the unwritten seating rules on flights?

There are a bunch of unwritten seating rules that frequent flyers are aware of when flying. Regular travel means that you learn what works and what doesn’t work – you know the ropes, so you speak. People who travel rarely don’t know these and may cause unintended frustration on board. Here are a few of the things that you should know when selecting a seat on a flight. All Seating Rules Are Not The Same Some people religiously choose their favourite seat, for example some only sit in window seats and others only aisle seats. Personally, I think some...

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Rent your car out at the airport and earn cash while on holidays

The sharing model is quite popular at the moment, with businesses like AirBnb linking people with free homes to people wanting a place to stay. A new company is now allowing people to rent their parked car to others from the airport. Car & Away is operating at London Gatwick Airport and the model is simple. You might be parking your car for a week or two weeks, so instead of it being idle, the company rents it out to someone needing a car and you get paid for that. Rent Your Car At The Airport How it works...

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Farewell to the British Airways Boeing 767 after 28 years service

The final British Airways commercial flight operated by a Boeing 767 occurred yesterday, between Larnaca and London Heathrow. This marks the end of 28 years of service for this aircraft. Cabin crew have commented to me they will miss the aircraft for its spacious galleys which provided plenty of room to work. I will miss them as they were the last aircraft in the fleet with the old converter seating which was quite nice. A Pilot’s Reflections on the Boeing 767 Tim the Pilot has written up a fascinating piece on the Boeing 767 at British Airways. It contains...

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Does anyone remember the Vickers Viscount?

The revolutionary Vickers Viscount first flew from Wisley in England on 16 July 1948. Powered by the Rolls-Royce Dart engine, it became the first turboprop powered airliner in the world. Regular airline service commenced with British European Airways on 18 April 1953. Turboprop power resulted in very little vibration from the engines. This, coupled with the large panoramic windows, meant the Viscount had great passenger appeal. Produced between 1948 and 1963, the aircraft was a major sales success with 445 built during its production run. Capital Airlines Vickers Viscount Video Following on from last weeks video about the forgotten...

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History of the ambitious Club World product at British Airways

British Airways was the first airline to introduce lie flat seats in business class. A design consultancy called Tangerine were tasked with coming up with the ambitious Club World cabin and it was a huge success. Internally named Project Dusk, the task was to keep eight seats abreast in the cabin while providing far more space than before. Its introduction took the aviation world by storm. Ambitious And Successful The first version of the lie flat Club World product was introduced in 2000. Featuring an innovative yin yang arrangement, it managed to fit as many people across the cabin...

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Boeing roll out the 787th Boeing 787 for China Southern

Boeing have rolled out the 787th example of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The aircraft is destined for China Southern and has a few special decals to mark the occasion. With over 1,400 orders on the books, there are many more deliveries to come. The programme is very successful and airlines are reported to be very pleased with their purchase. 787th Boeing 787 China Southern’s aircraft features a very large decal proclaiming this milestone. Positioned on the forward fuselage, it is definitely eye catching. Whether it will remain on the aircraft when it goes into service remains to be seen....

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Black Friday airline ticket deals for Ireland, UK and Europe

It’s the time of the Black Friday sales and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Many airlines are offering deals on their tickets, with some interesting savings to be had. The deals below are for people departing from Ireland, UK or Europe. The Air China deals from Germany to Australia and New Zealand are the best of the bunch in my mind. Air China Business Class to Australia and New Zealand Air China had a flash sale on 10 and 11 November and those deals are back again from Thursday 22 November to Tuesday 27 November. The best deal...

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Have you heard of the concept of seat back catering on flights?

Back in the early 1970s, UK charter airlines started using seat back catering to provide food for their passengers. This meant less galley space was required on board, resulting in the ability to add more passenger seats. Since we no longer have seat back catering, it is safe to say that the concept did not catch on. It is an interesting idea though, so let’s have a look at it. Seat Back Catering A charter airline called Court Line introduced this concept to the masses. There were two slots in the back of the seat in front of you,...

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Does anyone remember the forgotten Douglas DC-5?

The Douglas DC-5 is often referred to as the forgotten Douglas due to being overtaken by the events of World War II. First flying on 20 February 1939, the aircraft was the first with shoulder wings and a tricycle landing gear. Seating 16-22 passengers, the DC-5 was intended for shorter routes than the previous DC-3 and DC-4. A prototype and four passenger aircraft were produced, plus another seven military versions. The total production run was just 12 aircraft. What Happened To The Douglas DC-5? The prototype was purchased by William “Bill” Boeing as his personal aircraft. Fitted with just...

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British Airways adds 50,000 extra Club World Avios seats

British Airways have added 50,000 extra award seats in Club World for a limited period of time. This means there is more availability to redeem your Executive Club Avios for an award flight or flight upgrade. There are limitations both on the destinations and travel period, however a wide range of places are available. As long as you have the Avios, you should be able to find something suitable. Extra Award Seats Bookings can be made on the British Airways web site from now through to 2 December 2018. The travel period runs from 16 December 2018 through to...

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