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Trent is an Australian flyer in "exile" in Ireland. You'll find detail about his flights and other travel related experiences, all of which is self-funded. As a result of his undying passion for the premium classes, he has been reduced to an affordable diet of bread and water when at home.

Aer Lingus won’t join Oneworld? Fake news. Here’s why!

According to a report in the Irish Independent, the Aer Lingus CEO Steve Kavanagh says they have no plans to rejoin the oneworld alliance. I call fake news on this. The quotation says specifically, “We have no plans to join oneworld. We still have to do the business case for joining oneworld.” Well, let’s discuss this. Look At The Language While he specifically says there are no plans to join the alliance, it is immediately contradicted by the next sentence. Saying you still have to do the business case indicates to me there are indeed plans to join oneworld....

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26 BOAC 1960s vintage print ads featuring the VC10

The advertising department at BOAC went to town selling the airlines Vickers VC10 and Super VC10 during the 1960s. Marketing students learn to find a products unique selling point or USP and this aircraft certainly fits the definition. BOAC were the main operator of the aircraft, which happens to be one of my favourites. The print ads are a fascinating look at how air travel was marketed during the era of the jet set. You’ll be able to read most of the text too, if you’re using a laptop rather than a phone. BOAC Takes Good Care Of You...

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Did you know that Singapore Airlines operated Concorde?

In the Concorde story you always hear about British Airways and Air France who were the two main operators of the aircraft. Singapore Airlines also operated Concorde. It is a small part of the aircraft’s history but an interesting one. I think it looks amazing in Singapore Airlines livery as well, I just wish there were more pictures of it. Singapore Airlines Concorde Concorde services at British Airways were originally supposed to go to Australia, routing London-Bahrain-Singapore-Sydney. This is probably why the first scheduled service went to Bahrain as it is on the way. The continuation to Singapore started...

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See Emirates Sexy New 777 Cabins With Virtual Windows

Emirates are introducing new cabins on their Boeing 777 fleet including the first virtual windows in the industry. First class, business class and economy class all have new products and they’re looking pretty good. The new cabins will commence service from 1 December on flights to Geneva and Brussels. If you want to give them a try first, these are the places to go. Let’s check out the new cabins! Virtual Windows In First Class The most interesting thing to me are the virtual windows. First Class passengers in the middle suite will have a set of “windows” like...

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What is usually the dirtiest part of an aircraft cabin?

There are some horror stories among the frequent flyer community on what people have seen happen on a flight. Some of the dirtiest things actually happen in a place you might not usually suspect. You have to keep in mind that a flight nowadays is essentially public transport with security screening thrown in. Passenger behaviour ranges from the very good to what the hell did I just witness? Dirtiest Stories People probably expect the aeroplane toilets to be the dirtiest place on board for obvious reasons. Cabin crew will always tell you to wear shoes when you go to...

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These 14 Royal Jordanian tweets are a social media lesson

My hat is off to the Twitter team at Royal Jordanian as some of their 2017 tweets could be used as a lesson in social media. Not only are the tweets relevant, they show creative flair and humour which I really like. Jordan is a fantastic country to visit and the people are full of hospitality. This is reflected on Royal Jordanian with its superb Crown Class product. Here are some of the excellent tweets from the airline’s social media team this year. A Poetry Lesson At one stage electronics were banned from being taken in the cabin during...

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Ever Wondered How An Aircraft Evacuation Slide Works?

Aircraft are safer now than ever before and it is rare to experience an emergency evacuation. If you are do experience an emergency it is likely you will need to leave the aircraft via the evacuation slides which deploy automatically when the doors are opened. All passengers must be able to leave the cabin in less than 90 seconds with half of the exits blocked, which is a mandatory part of gaining certification to fly. How do the slides work though? Doors to Automatic and Cross Check You have probably heard this phrase over the PA system as your...

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British Airways to revamp Club Europe catering in 2018

It is not even a year since British Airways introduced new meals in Club Europe and now it is reported they are getting a revamp. It appears the feedback on the offering has been listened to. Reports indicate that another new meal service is due to be introduced in 2018. Let’s hope it is better than what is currently on offer which you can see below. A Lot of Bread A staple on routes classed as short and medium was the hot sandwich or panini. This clump of bread is usually filled with something inexpensive like cheese and tomato....

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Flying Blue Changes to Earning Miles by Spend from 2018

The frequent flyer programme of Air France and KLM, Flying Blue, has announced major changes from next year. Following the US model, it appears that loyalty will be rewarded based on spend with the carriers. This is already becoming a trend in Europe as airlines like Aer Lingus already operate a scheme where you earn points per Euro spent. Hopefully some carriers will choose to keep the current miles model as a point of differentiation. Let’s have a look. Flying Blue Miles Award Miles have been renamed Miles which I am sure will not confuse anyone using Flying Blue....

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So you chose not to contract a lounge for Business Class?

One of the expected perks of flying business class on an airline is access to the lounge. Airlines operate their own lounges at some airports while at other places they contract out the access. These contract lounges are sometimes operated by other airlines while at smaller outstations it is a lounge operated by the airport. All of this makes perfect sense as you would not want your own lounge and the associated costs if you had just one flight daily. Contract Or No Contract? Sometimes airlines are just cheap which meant that when I flew from Ibiza to Dublin...

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