The Flight Detective

Trent is a European based author covering airlines in the oneworld alliance, plus those flying in the Irish, British and Australian markets. He also produces comprehensive and unbiased flight reviews. For variety, Trent intersperses all of this with pieces on aviation history, commentary on current industry happenings and travel tips for frequent and infrequent flyers.

What was your highest airline miles balance and what did you do with it?

It is interesting to see how people treat frequent flyer miles. Some people are hoarders and have impressively large balances, while some earn and burn as they go. One thing is true, these people always know their airline miles balance. Pleasingly these can be used for redemption flights, hotel bookings, and a whole host of other products. You could probably furnish a house with the points in some programmes! The Airline Miles Balance I am a minnow in the vast ocean of frequent flyers, mainly because I don’t travel for work. People who are on the road rack up...

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Business class oneworld return flights to USA for €1,000

My personal favourite sale is when the oneworld airlines offer business class return flights to the USA for around €1,000. That is a very decent price in my book, and one to be taken advantage of. In this case, you can fly British Airways, Iberia or Finnair on your transatlantic flight. The one caveat is that you will have to start in Germany which is where the sale fare originates. Still, it’s easy to reach Germany cheaply from anywhere in Europe, right? Return Flights Sale Cities on sale include Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Berlin to places like New York, Boston,...

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Do you tip the servers and bar staff in an airline lounge?

Whether to tip or not to tip when you’re in an airline lounge is a question that must have crossed your mind at some point. In a country like the United States, where tipping everyone in sight is a fact of life, one does wonder where the line is drawn. Other places such as much of Europe, Australia, Japan to name but a few, just don’t have a tipping culture, so the question doesn’t come up. These people do travel though and nothing is worse than not knowing the form. To Tip Or Not To Tip In the United...

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When booking a flight, what does 5 seats left really mean?

When you go online to book an airline ticket, the web site often shows you a list of different flights to choose from. All of them will show a price, but some of them have a little addition, such as “5 seats left” or “2 left from”. What does that really mean? I remember when someone I knew told me how surprised they were when they saw 1 seat remaining, booked their ticket, and yet their friend was able to get a ticket on the same flight booked at a later date. Airlines Saying Things Differently A quick sample...

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Does anyone remember the very unusual Inflatoplane?

A friend of mine said I should check out the Inflatoplane and quite frankly I thought he was joking. The whole notion seemed completely absurd, but it turns out it was a real thing. Made by the Goodyear Aircraft Company who are responsible for the Goodyear Blimp, the Inflatoplane first flew on 12 February 1956. There were just 12 of these little planes built and you can see it in action below. Inflatoplane Video Following on from the last video about the British BAC One-Eleven, this time we head back across the Atlantic for a look at the Inflatoplane....

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How many different plane types have you flown on?

There are several aircraft manufacturers around the world and most offer various different plane types for airlines to buy. The reason for this is that some are built for long flights, others for short flights and so on. This allows airlines to match capacity with demand. Frequent flyers are generally very familiar with the various types, as some offer a better experience than others. This is mainly down to how a particular airline arranges their cabin and everyone has their personal preference. Different Plane Types At University during a ‘get to know you’ type exercise, we were asked how...

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El Al to launch Tel Aviv to Dublin in May 2020

Israel’s El Al are planning to launch flights from Tel Aviv to Dublin from May 2020. This will mark the first time the Israeli carrier has served the Republic of Ireland. According to those in the know, there is a strong connecting market between Dublin and Tel Aviv via Istanbul, so the new services should do quite well. El Al Dublin Schedule El Al will commence services on 26 May 2020, flying a thrice weekly schedule on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Services will be operated with the Boeing 737, which has 16 business class seats and 138 or 156...

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That feeling when your new frequent flyer card doesn’t arrive

Remember when the postal service was referred to as ‘snail mail’? In the 1990s that was the colloquialism referring to sending and receiving letters. With the advent of online shopping, receiving packages has breathed new life into the old service. Plus it’s a way to receive a new frequent flyer card! Regular readers will know that I recently dropped down in frequent flyer status. Despite this, I was still looking forward to receiving my new card and bag tags and I have been checking the mail every day for them. However, they’re nowhere to be seen. Where Is My...

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Two exciting flying displays from air shows in the past

Health and safety rules have a lot to answer for, as many things that were permitted in the past are no longer allowed. This extends to air shows, where there are minimum altitudes that must be respected for fly pasts. This wasn’t always the case, of course. In days gone by, pilots could safely execute impressively low displays in front of crowds, which required a certain panache. Crowds certainly enjoyed it! Air Zimbabwe Boeing 707 Taking place at Charles Prince Airport in Zimbabwe and hosted by the Mashonaland Flying Club (MFC) is this fly past by an Air Zimbabwe...

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