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Trent is a European based author covering airlines in the oneworld alliance, plus those flying in the Irish, British and Australian markets. He also produces comprehensive and unbiased flight reviews. For variety, Trent intersperses all of this with pieces on aviation history, commentary on current industry happenings and travel tips for frequent and infrequent flyers.

What was it like to be a Qantas flight steward in the 1960s?

Cabin crew or flight attendants are some of the greatest people around as far as I am concerned. They work extremely hard and I have a lot of respect for the profession. Life as a Qantas flight steward back at the dawn of the jet age was very different to today. Warner Gibbs recently visited the Qantas Founders Museum in Longreach, Australia and the team there interviewed him. There are five short videos of him recounting some of his memories from those days which are worth checking out. Qantas Flight Steward Memories The first video is about Mr. Gibbs...

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Get instant Gold frequent flyer status with just one flight

Qatar Airways is offering a special promotion where you can get instant Gold status from just one flight. This is oneworld Sapphire level, which unlocks lounge access and other perks right across the alliance. It is an interesting promotion, clearly designed to pull people into the Qatar Airways Privilege Club. I would happily be doing this if I needed to, as you can’t get status this quickly anywhere. Instant Gold Status To take advantage of this promotion, you must be resident in Australia. This means the address in your Qatar Airways Privilege Club account must be there. You next...

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Qantas and American expand codeshare and frequent flyer benefits

Australia’s Qantas and American Airlines expand codeshare arrangements on each others services, in the latest development after their joint venture was approved. This will mean each carrier will offer more destinations than before and increase their network reach. Frequent flyers are not left out either, with both airlines planning to add value for regular customers. There are a number of bits and pieces to this, so let’s have a look. Qantas and American Expand Codeshare Arrangements American Airlines is placing its AA code on Qantas services across the Pacific. The specific routes are Los Angeles and Dallas-Fort Worth to...

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Japan Airlines current Australia to Europe Premium Economy fares are less than half what competitors charge!

Japan Airlines have some great Australia to Europe fares available right now in Premium Economy. These are available from various cities down under to various destinations in the old world. The fares are especially noteworthy as Japan Airlines offer lounge access to all Premium Economy customers. This is unique in the oneworld alliance and that plus amenities such as complimentary slippers and the renowned Japanese service makes for a world leading on board product. Great Australia to Europe Fares As advertised on the Japan Airlines web site, you can get tickets for as low as AU$2,243 return. For all...

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Remember when Alaska Airlines had Golden Samovar service?

Alaska Airlines went full Russian back in the early 1970s with the Golden Samovar service. Designed to celebrate the airline doing charter flights to the Soviet Union, stewardesses wore full length black maxi-coats and the on board menu was totally on brand. Goodness knows what an unsuspecting passenger would have thought, coming across all this on board an American airline. Personally, I would have been awestruck and you can see why in the videos below. Golden Samovar Service Videos Running for just under two minutes, this colour video comes from 16mm film that someone shot of the actual Golden...

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Which airlines offer Premium Economy lounge access?

Complimentary access to an airline lounge is usually reserved for first and business class passengers, meaning there is no premium economy lounge access, or any for economy class people. This makes sense considering the difference in what people pay. Lounge access for premium economy class passengers is available though. There are a couple of airlines that offer it as standard, which arguably makes their flights the best value of all. Premium Economy Lounge Access at Japan Airlines While the oneworld alliance lounge access web page does not mention it, Japan Airlines does offer this to those flying in premium...

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Want to win 50,000 Avios? Enter this easy competition!

Aer Lingus are running a competition in conjunction with Avis where five lucky people can win 50,000 Avios apiece. That is a decent addition to any AerClub account, enough points for an economy class award flight from Dublin to Los Angeles and back. Of course, using Avios for economy class flights is not really advisable. You can get better value using them for business class tickets or flight upgrades. That’s how I use mine anyway! The Competition You must have an Aer Lingus AerClub account to enter this competition. These account numbers all start with 3081 and if you...

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Why does Qantas say its business class is “mini-first”?

Another day and yet another Qantas press release referring to their long-haul business class as “mini-first”. They have been beating this tired old drum since the Boeing 787 first entered service. The claim has expanded over time, as it was originally “nicknamed “mini First Class” by some frequent flyers”, while now it is “dubbed “mini First” by the airline’s frequent flyers”. That seems very certain, now doesn’t it? Let’s have a look at this wonderful class. The “Mini-First” Seat You would think that the Qantas seat is a bespoke design, with amazing features that make it just a cut...

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What are the frequent flyer status symbols of today?

Your neighbour has suddenly bought an impractical sports car to celebrate her big promotion at work, and a friend suddenly has a boat parked in his driveway. These are status symbols, designed to show off someone’s success. What about frequent flyer status symbols, is there such a thing? Absolutely. Eagle eyed travellers can quite easily spot those who are above and below them on the totem pole. Whether it is the brand of headphones they’re wearing or something more subtle like the type of luggage they have, you can always tell who is winning at life! How About The...

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Pick seats away from babies on Japan Airlines

I can tell you from personal experience, nothing ruins a flight quite like a baby screaming for hours on end. Any way to keep away from babies would be very welcome. Happily, the good people at Japan Airlines have come up with a really simple solution to this problem. No, the babies are not being relegated to the cargo hold or wing, so don’t worry! Keep Away From Babies Almost everyone who takes a flight is familiar with the seat map. You can usually choose where you want to sit, and symbols denote which seats are available and which...

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