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Trent is an Australian flyer in "exile" in Ireland. You'll find detail about his flights and other travel related experiences, all of which is self-funded. As a result of his undying passion for the premium classes, he has been reduced to an affordable diet of bread and water when at home.

Virgin Trains East Coast and the simple refund process

Sometimes, you just make a mistake on a booking and need a refund. People who regularly piece together a travel itinerary for themselves on the Internet are certainly not immune to this. Luckily Virgin Trains East Coast make this easy. Recently I made a booking for a short train trip, making use of the advance purchase rules to get a ticket for £6.00. As soon as I confirmed the booking, I realised I had booked the wrong day. A rookie mistake! Virgin Trains East Coast Refund A quick look around the Virgin Trains East Coast web page showed that...

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Norwegian to open Dublin to Hamilton, Canada from March

Norwegian continues to expand, announcing a new route from Dublin to Hamilton in Canada. This is going to start at the end of March 2019 and will be operated by the Boeing 737-8 MAX. Where on earth is Hamilton and why would you want to fly there? Well it turns out that Hamilton is smack dab between Toronto and Niagara Falls. Both places are a one hour drive from the airport. Hamilton Airport John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport is not a huge facility by any means. International services are seasonally operated by WestJet and Air Transat, otherwise there...

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Aer Lingus now allow seat selection on AerClub bookings

Earlier this year, I spent an hour of my time playing telephone ping pong with Aer Lingus and Avios. My simple request for seat selection on a frequent flyer redemption booking turned out to be very difficult. Eventually it turned out that it could not be done at all, so I cancelled my booking and went for another carrier. Not the best set of circumstances at all, however there is now some good news. Seat Selection is Now Available Several people have reported they have been able to select seats on AerClub Avios redemption bookings. What you do is...

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How bland is American Airlines’ Admirals Club at Washington DCA?

Washington DC is the capital of the United States and the airport closest to the city is Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport or DCA. Is Washington DC the birthplace of bland? You’d think so, judging by the state of the smaller American Airlines Admirals Club that serves Terminal B. I have had the pleasure – or misfortune, depending on how you look at it – of spending many hours in this lounge, thanks to friends who live in DC. There is a larger Admirals Club serving Terminal C, but the decor and amenities are similar. This is the first...

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Is the fasten seat belt sign just an advisory on flights?

The seat belt sign is one of the more important safety notices on board an aircraft. You need to wear it during take off and landing, which are statistically the most dangerous parts of the flight. Crews also advise you to always wear it while seated in case of unexpected turbulence. There have been instances where people have been injured when not wearing their seat belts. Despite this, I have noticed a trend of people ignoring the seat belt sign. Ignoring The Seat Belt Sign When flying around the United States, I have noticed the pilots are particularly trigger...

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Review: American Airlines Flagship Lounge New York JFK

The American Airlines Flagship Lounge concept is quite new. These provide an upscale experience for international First Class and Business Class passengers, as well as those flying the premium transcontinental routes from New York to Los Angeles and San Francisco. I previously visited the Flagship lounge in Chicago and you can see the food on offer in that lounge here. When visiting New York, I had much more time to spend taking pictures, so you will get a full review of the lounge below. Flagship Lounge Entrance Immediately after security are the lifts to the lounges, which means no...

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Have you visited the aircraft Restoration Center in Seattle?

On a recent visit to Seattle, I was visiting Paine Field when we made an unscheduled stop at the Museum of Flight’s Restoration Center. I do believe this was a deliberate surprise, so we got to see some really great things. All the aircraft restoration conducted at the facility is undertaken on a volunteer basis, meaning projects can take quite some time. Considering the work will preserve aircraft for generations to come, this is a fine thing indeed. Restoration of a Comet 4C The largest aircraft being restored is a de Havilland Comet 4C which used to fly for...

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Cathay Pacific promote new Dublin to Hong Kong route

Cathay Pacific have started flying between Dublin and Hong Kong four times a week with the Airbus A350 and they are using an annual food event to promote the service. Taste of Dublin happens every year and features restaurants and other food sellers promoting their wares. It is a nice day out and you can sample quite a lot of different types of produce. The drinks industry is also well represented too, so you can also taste great wine, beer and Champagne. Food To Promote Cathay Pacific Knowing that Cathay Pacific would be at Taste of Dublin made it...

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What is the Main Cabin like on an American Airlines ERJ?

Short flights on American Airlines are often operated by small jet aircraft such as the Embraer 145. Seating just 50 passengers, the cabin is laid out three abreast, with one seat on the left and two on the right hand side. Since I was travelling alone, I chose a seat on my own on the left hand side of the cabin. It’s always nice not to have someone sitting beside you. AA4261 – New York to Washington DC (JFK-DCA) 27 May 2018 Embraer 145 – N616AE Seat: Main Cabin 4A Departure: 11:29 Arrival: 12:49 Boarding in New York was...

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Survey for Australian people who fly for business purposes

Today I am asking people who fly domestically within Australia for business purposes to complete a survey. It is short and should take five minutes or less to complete. This survey is for my Masters thesis. I am currently studying for my Masters degree in Air Transport Management at Cranfield University and the more responses I get, the better. A Short Survey Once you put together a survey, you need to get ethics approval at the University after sign off from your thesis supervisor. All that has been done, so now you can go and do it. The link...

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