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Trent is an Australian flyer in "exile" in Ireland. You'll find detail about his flights and other travel related experiences, all of which is self-funded. As a result of his undying passion for the premium classes, he has been reduced to an affordable diet of bread and water when at home.

What do you think of biometrics to speed up your travel?

Are you the kind of person who wears a tin foil hat? Scared the government is going to track your every move and hunt you down? If that is you, you’re just not going to like the fact that biometrics are a huge part of 21st century life. When it comes to the travel experience, this technology has the potential to streamline the airport experience. Imagine not having to get out your documents for scanning at every step – bliss, right? We are closer to this than you may think. What Are Biometrics? You have probably come across biometric...

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Why can’t you select seats on Amtrak trains in the USA?

One of the interesting quirks about the Amtrak trains in the USA is the inability to select seats when booking. Unlike most of the rest of the world, there is no seat map in the booking engine to allow you to select where to sit. This isn’t particularly good, especially if you’re travelling on a scenic route and wish to be seated to get the best view. It makes it much more difficult for tourists for starters. Seat Selection on European Trains In Europe and other parts of the world, seat selection on long distance trains is quite standard....

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Here are some changes to a British Airways safety card

Safety cards are an important item on board an aircraft. They show you what to do in the unlikely event of an emergency and I’ve always found them to be very interesting. I’m still bitter that my Mum wouldn’t let me take the safety card from my very first flight when I was a kid. When I last flew with British Airways, there were two versions on board so I got to see the differences. Two Versions Of A Safety Card? British Airways safety cards usually have an issue number on the front to show how many revisions there...

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Would you pay to sleep in a lower deck berth when flying?

Today Flight Global report that Airbus are working with Zodiac to design lower deck passenger facilities. These would be the same size as cargo containers and would feature a sleeping berth perhaps. These would be available on the Airbus A330 and Airbus A350. Other uses for the extra space would be using it for office desks, meeting rooms or lounges. Sleeping Berths Berth is not a word that is used much nowadays. It means a fixed bunk for sleeping that is located on transportation such as a ship or aircraft. On the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser, you could book a...

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Which three airlines have introduced a new livery recently?

It seems that 2018 is the year of the new livery. Lufthansa dazzled the world with their new colour scheme (!) and a few other airlines have followed suit with refreshes of their own. Since airline branding is very important, all of the new schemes are new iterations of a current livery. None of them is really that revolutionary, however one does come close. Gulf Air New Livery Bahrain’s Gulf Air has introduced a pretty new colour scheme which you can see at the top of this post. They have gone for billboard lettering which is on trend and...

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What is as familiar as a Club Europe panini on your airline?

Frequent flyers know there are certain things that are staples on some airlines, such as the panini in Club Europe on British Airways. When you fly regularly in business class, you’re bound to get a variant of this meal at some stage. It got me thinking, what are the things on other airlines that are ubiquitous to the experience? Here are a few I’ve found throughout my travels. Usually Poor Food On Ryanair One of the largest carriers in Europe is Ryanair and one thing that I usually find is the food is terrible. It’s not just terrible, there...

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What was an Aer Lingus 747 to New York like in 1975?

It seems strange to think that Aer Lingus operated an aircraft as large as the Boeing 747 back in the 1970s. They did though and it operated on routes to the USA such as New York. Boeing 747s at Aer Lingus are now just a memory. Luckily Ireland’s RTÉ did a story on a flight from Dublin to New York in 1975, so there is a chance to vicariously experience the era once more. Aer Lingus 747 to New York Video Compared to the razzle dazzle of today’s video productions, this one can best be described as a bit...

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Review: Restaurant Tim Raue Berlin

When planning our visit to Berlin, my friend suggested we go to Restaurant Tim Raue for a meal. With cuisine described as, “a blend of Japanese product perfection, Thai aromas, and Chinese culinary philosophy” it sounded like something we would both like. Much to my delight, he decided it was to be his treat so I was in. We made a booking for lunch on our second day in Berlin and I was quite looking forward to it. There is a Netflix series called Chef’s Table and one episode is about Tim Raue so that is worth seeing beforehand....

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Review: British Airways Terraces Lounge Berlin Tegel

Berlin Tegel Airport should have been closed years ago, but since the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport continues to be delayed, TXL remains open. Terminal A is shaped like a hexagon and is one of the more interesting terminals in Europe. Not only is it designed for a quick ground transport to aircraft experience, it is a bit of a rabbit warren inside. It’s fun! British Airways operate a Terraces Lounge at the airport and all the details are below. Tegel Terraces Lounge The terraces lounge concept is the one before the current galleries concept at BA. These lounges are...

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Oh where, oh where, have my Avios gone?

Frequent flyer miles are funny things, aren’t they? You collect and collect your Avios constantly for years, amassing a lovely balance. Along the way you spend them on flight upgrades and award flights which makes your travel much more pleasant. In the past while, I have not collected as many Avios as I’d like and I’ve spent a whole lot more than I should have. It means my balance which is usually well over 100,000 miles is just over 1,000. Shocking! Why Didn’t You Earn As Much? Having family in Australia means I like to get back there once...

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