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Trent is an Australian flyer in "exile" in Ireland. You'll find detail about his flights and other travel related experiences, all of which is self-funded. As a result of his undying passion for the premium classes, he has been reduced to an affordable diet of bread and water when at home.

Does anyone remember the Hindenburg and German airships?

We take flying the Atlantic for granted today, sitting in our fast aircraft watching movies, eating, drinking and relaxing high above the clouds. Back in the early twentieth century, the fastest way to cross from Europe to America was on an airship such as the Hindenburg. The first commercial flights started in 1928 on the Graf Zeppelin. When Hindenburg entered transatlantic service in 1936, it took between two and three days to cross the ocean, almost twice as fast as ocean liners such as Queen Mary and Normandie, which took five days. Hindenburg Video Following on from last weeks...

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Would you swap seats on a flight if asked by another person?

You are finally on board your flight and settling in when someone asks you to swap seats. Some people would be happy to do so, while others are not going to entertain the notion. Considering the fact everyone can select seats from the time they book through to check-in, you would think being asked for a swap on board would be a rare occurrence. It is, but it still happens. Seat Swap Stories One time I was travelling on standby on a staff ticket. We were finally cleared, but as the flight was quite full my travel companion and...

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What is a proactive upgrade at British Airways and is it good value?

British Airways sometimes make you an offer to upgrade your ticket after you have booked, which is referred to as a proactive upgrade in some circles. The pricing for these is usually less than it would cost to buy a ticket in the next higher cabin. You will see these offers when you access Manage My Booking. It is usually only offered when you have a one way or return flight, as the IT system can’t handle things if you have connecting flights for example. Proactive Upgrade in Manage My Booking When you are being offered the upgrade, you...

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Throwback: What was Aer Lingus business class like in 2010?

New York to Dublin is one of the prime Aer Lingus international routes between Ireland and the United States. Both business class and economy class are offered on board. The current Aer Lingus business class offers lie flat seats and very good on board service, including free Wi-Fi. How were things back in 2010? Here’s my original review from then. EI104 – New York JFK to Dublin (JFK-DUB) 6 December 2010 Airbus A330-300 – EI-DUZ – St. Aoife Seat: Business Class 4C Departure: 17:40 (18:30 actual) Arrival: 05:20+1 (05:55 actual) After a nice weekend in New York, it was...

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Which airlines can you fly to earn bonus British Airways Avios?

Frequent flyer points are funny things and airlines always have different rules and regulations around earning. In each programme, the partners are not equal by any measure. When it comes to the British Airways Executive Club, you can earn a lot more Avios on each trip by flying with certain airlines. Therefore it makes sense to be armed with this knowledge before booking any travel. The Best Partner Airlines Members of the Executive Club can earn bonus points on British Airways flights as they move up the tiers. Bronze members will receive a 25% bonus, Silver get 50% and...

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Does anyone remember the ‘Soviet Concorde’, Tupolev Tu-144?

The Soviet Union had many technological firsts, such as sending both the first man and woman into space. They also had the first supersonic aircraft, with the Tupolev Tu-144 first flying on 31 December 1968, just over two months before Concorde. Aeroflot operated the aircraft in passenger service between Moscow and Almaty (previously Alma-Ata) from late 1977, ceasing services in 1978 after just 55 flights. Let’s find out why. Tupolev Tu-144 Video Following on from last weeks video on the Bristol Brabazon is another video by the same people, this time on the Soviet supersonic airliner. With a capacity...

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Aeroflot to start Moscow to Dublin in October 2018

Russia’s Aeroflot is to open daily services between Moscow and Dublin starting on 28 October 2018. This is the second carrier from Russia to fly the route, with S7 Airlines having a seasonal weekly Summer service. Many years ago, Aeroflot used Shannon in Ireland as their refueling stop on services to the USA. Things are very different today, with the airline operating a modern fleet of mainly Western built aircraft. Moscow to Dublin Flights will be operated daily, departing Moscow at 19:20 and arriving in Dublin at 20:45 after a flight of 4 hours and 25 minutes. The return...

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What 7,000 items are on board a typical Boeing 747 flight?

The Boeing 747 is the undisputed Queen of the Skies and it takes a lot of items to service a typical flight. One of the largest operators of the jumbo jet is British Airways and they have created an interesting graphic showing all the items on board a typical flight between London Heathrow and New York JFK. We take flying for granted in many ways and often don’t stop to consider just how many things are needed to keep everyone on board happy. Let’s just say there’s quite a lot to it! How About Those 7,000 Items? Enjoy a...

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Have you seen Turkish Airlines cute new Lego safety video?

Turkish Airlines have made a safety video featuring Lego characters from the LEGO® Movie. You will know from a post I have made in the past that I enjoy an unusual and interesting take on the safety message. Since everyone has to sit through these videos at the start of each flight, it is always good to see something different. Keeping it fun and interesting is very on trend right now. Lego Safety Video Apparently the video production took 950 days from start to finish and there were 2,938,840 Lego bricks used to animate the action. I quite enjoy...

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Does anyone remember the Bristol Brabazon?

The largest airliner that the United Kingdom ever built was the piston powered Bristol Brabazon. Featuring a wingspan greater than a Boeing 747, it was truly something else. Unfortunately, it was designed for an era that had already passed. Featuring on board sleeping berths, a dining room and even a cinema, it was completely unsuitable for the market. Bristol Brabazon Video Following on from last weeks video on the Boeing 2707 American Supersonic, this video is made by the same people. It shows the history of the Bristol Brabazon. It was designed as an ocean liner of the skies,...

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