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Trent is an Australian flyer in "exile" in Ireland. You'll find detail about his flights and other travel related experiences, all of which is self-funded. As a result of his undying passion for the premium classes, he has been reduced to an affordable diet of bread and water when at home.

Ever Seen Great Aviation Porn Like This Concorde Video?

One of the best subjects for a dollop of aviation porn is Concorde. The aircraft looks amazing in flight and British Airways and Air France certainly knew this. For those that don’t know, Concorde was a supersonic jet aircraft made by Britain and France that carried passengers at twice the speed of sound. Fast and expensive, you bet! Concorde Video Porn There is something undeniably chic about Concorde that comes across in all footage produced. It has graceful lines and a certain panache that can’t be beat. I suggest you take 4 minutes and 40 seconds and immerse yourself...

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You can now Upgrade a British Airways flight after Check In

Everyone loves to upgrade their class of travel, especially when it is cheap or ideally totally free. Usually once you have checked in for your flight, that’s it – you are travelling in the class you paid for. Things have changed a little bit at British Airways with the latest release of their app. You can now upgrade your flight even after you have checked in. A Little Upgrade Text Being someone who can remember a time before mobile phones, I always thought app developers have it easy. The amount of upgrades that constantly come out for apps is...

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Earn a cheeky 18,000 Avios for €160 with Irish Independent

Earning lots of airline miles for a low price is always worth it, which is why this Irish Independent offer is a good one. It is great value earning 18,000 Avios for just €160. This is probably one of the best Avios earning offers I have seen and it is easily the best one launched in Ireland. The Avios can be credited to any Avios programme too which is quite handy. Irish Independent Offer To take advantage of the offer, you need to go to the Reach Home Delivery web site here. There are three offers, two for the...

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Cute Alert: London Heathrow’s New Christmas Bears Video

Everyone loves bears! London Heathrow Airport has just released their Christmas TV commercial for 2017 and it is an explosion of cuteness through and through. The film, as Heathrow call it, is a full two minutes long and stars the bears Edward and Doris. It looks over their life together and it is really very well done. Life of Bears When the e-mail arrived from Heathrow Airport, I clicked the link and immediately noticed something. There was a Vickers VC10 in the frame and everyone knows I love that aircraft. At this point it is probably best that you...

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Airline Cabin Bulkhead Art: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Cabin design is quite important in the aviation industry as it is a point of differentiation from your competitors. Regular passengers will experience a familiar feeling if an airlines cabins are similar across the fleet. An easy way to do this is through bulkhead art. Some airlines may contract a professional design firm to do their cabins while others might have the CEO’s wife give it a shot. Either way it is quite interesting to see, so let’s have a look. How About A Map? In the 1950s on the Constellation, maps were the in thing. TWA featured a...

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Why Do Airlines Sometimes Choose An Unusual Call Sign?

Airlines sometimes choose a very unusual call sign for their pilots to use when communicating with Air Traffic Control. This is a unique word or couple of words to let other pilots know which airline to look out for in the sky. Passengers would never really know about this as it is not something relevant to them. When looking into it though, some of these are very interesting. A Standard Call Sign Is King Most airlines use a pretty standard call sign. For example, American Airlines use the word American, Air Canada use Air Canada, Air India use Air...

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Did you know the TWA Flight Center at JFK will be a hotel?

One of the most beautiful aviation related buildings in the world is the Eero Saarinen designed TWA Flight Center at JFK in New York. It is designed to look a bit like a bird taking flight and is rather pretty. TWA went out of business in 2001 and the terminal has not really been used for anything despite plans by jetBlue to use it as part of Terminal 5. The old Flight Center is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and this protects it from being demolished. TWA Hotel One of the things about JFK is there...

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British Airways Introduce Group Boarding From December

British Airways are changing the way they board their flights, moving from the current scrum to a group boarding model. Since the current system of having one lane for priority boarding is not working very well, this is a positive move. People report boarding passes now feature the word group on them and more information has now become available, indicating this process will be introduced in December 2017. Group Boarding Announced According to a post on FlyerTalk by DelTroon, group boarding has been announced internally in the British Airways magazine “Up To Speed”. “British Airways will be changing the...

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Aer Lingus Announce New Route to Seattle in 2018

The expansion of the Aer Lingus network across the Atlantic continues with the announcement of a new route to Seattle. Ireland is a major base for aircraft leasing companies, so this will connect them to Boeing. Since IAG purchased Aer Lingus, there have been numerous new routes added to the USA. Los Angeles, Newark, Hartford, Miami, Philadelphia and now Seattle have all joined the network. Seattle Schedule Flights commence on 18 May 2018 and are initially scheduled to run four times per week and an evening arrival is scheduled in Seattle which is probably a good thing after a...

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History: Video at New York of the Air India Boeing 707

Air India have a long history of flying, commencing services in 1932. During the 1960s, the airline operated the Boeing 707-437 which appears in the video below. It is called “About Air Safety” according to the YouTube link. I am not entirely sure why as it shows more of an operational aspect to things rather then pure safety. Air India Boeing 707 Video The ten minute video is really very interesting. One of the things I particularly like is the fact that it shows Air Traffic Control giving landing directions. It is pretty much exactly like the ones given...

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