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Trent is a European based author covering airlines in the oneworld alliance, plus those flying in the Irish, British and Australian markets. He also produces comprehensive and unbiased flight reviews. For variety, Trent intersperses all of this with pieces on aviation history, commentary on current industry happenings and travel tips for frequent and infrequent flyers.

Revealed: Brand new uniforms for Ireland’s Aer Lingus crew

It is 22 years since the Aer Lingus crew received a new uniform. Designer Louise Kennedy is working for the Irish airline again, to replace the 1998 designs with something fresh for the new century. Once I wondered if Aer Lingus had the most dated uniform in the world as I couldn’t remember another airline that had waited so long between innings. Either way, all that has been rectified now, with the new uniforms now revealed. New Aer Lingus Crew Uniforms The new uniforms for the Aer Lingus crew appear more of an evolution than a revolution to my...

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Egyptair to connect Dublin and Cairo from June 2020

Dublin is getting another link to the east, as Egyptair have decided to open services from Cairo. This is the first time the Star Alliance carrier has served the Irish market. It’s another feather in the cap of Dublin Airport, which now boasts over 190 routes to 42 countries served by 50 airlines. Once the second runway opens next year, this is sure to increase. Egyptair Flights The Egyptian airline will fly four times weekly on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Brand new Airbus A320neo aircraft will operate the services, with 16 seats in business class and 126 in...

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Check out this video of Gladys Ingle changing planes mid-air… with no safety equipment!

Crazy? Brave? Fearless? Stupid? It must take a streak of madness to change from one plane to another in mid-air without safety equipment. Wing walker Gladys Ingle does just that the video below. The full title of the video is “Air Crash Averted by woman’s pluck and iron nerve. Woman Pilot changes planes and fixes new landing wheel on disabled plane in mid-air.” And that is exactly what happens! Gladys Ingle Video Gladys was a member of the 13 Black Cats, an aerial daredevil team responsible for Hollywood stunt work in the 1920s. Back then health and safety was...

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When tired, a flight that leaves early is the holy grail!

Christmas takes a bit of a toll sometimes, especially when you know people who enjoy celebrating the holidays properly. Everyone is usually tired after that, which is no real surprise. Having to fly when tired not at all fun. Everything seems just that little bit more challenging as you navigate the airport hazards such as check-in, security and Passport control. Sometimes you’re in luck and get an early departure. EI609 – Amsterdam to Dublin (AMS-DUB) 26 December 2019 Airbus A320 – EI-DEA – St. Fidelma Seat: Economy 3A Departure: 17:00 Arrival: 17:40 Being the day after Christmas, I was...

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Aer Lingus clearly has the best economy class breakfast in the world

When you’re onto a winner, stick to it, as the old saying goes. Aer Lingus serve an Irish Breakfast on European flights, which has to be the best economy class breakfast in the sky. Over the years, the only changing aspect has been the price. It is currently available for purchase for €10.00 and you will agree it is a substantial amount of food for your buck. EI604 – Dublin to Amsterdam (DUB-AMS) 24 December 2019 Airbus A320 – EI-DEE – St. Ultan Seat: Economy 3A Departure: 10:05 Arrival: 12:45 Breakfast is available through to 11am and it is...

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I hope Angela at British Airways doesn’t get fired for this tweet

Since the advent of social media, airlines have had to put together teams to respond to customers online. Naturally one expects the usual kind of bland service messages to pass back and forth. In a recent customer reply, Angela at British Airways decided to tell it like it is. Having worked in customer service in the past, I know the pressures these people face. Having to keep that happy perky front going when you’re being treated poorly takes some talent. Customer Sharon Tweets Sharon has a new Irish Passport, probably because she’s worried about Brexit. Turns out the gate...

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What should airlines do for you when cancelling a flight last minute?

News flash: aircraft are machines and sometimes these experience technical problems. Airlines hate cancelling flights, because it means a whole host of inconvenience for everyone plus some serious costs involved. International flights are the biggest issue, especially if the cancellation takes place away from home base. When the only flight of the day is called off, what actually happens to the passengers? Well, on good airlines, everyone including economy class passengers will be treated well. Cancelling After Departure A friend of planned to fly economy class on Lufthansa from Singapore to Frankfurt recently, on her way to Toulouse. Everyone...

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Find out how St. Helena Airport is doing in this documentary

Remote St. Helena Airport serves St. Helena, a British Overseas Territory located in the South Atlantic Ocean. Its population of about 4,500 is served by a weekly flight to South Africa, operated by Airlink. What makes the airport unique is that prior to its official opening in 2016, you could only reach St. Helena by ship. Once opened, windshear issues meant that scheduled services were delayed until 14 October 2017. Since then, they have been operating quite successfully. St. Helena Airport Documentary A fantastic documentary is now available about St. Helena Airport. It charts the story of the airport,...

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Join date announced for Royal Air Maroc into oneworld

Royal Air Maroc is to be the first full new oneworld alliance member since SriLankan Airlines joined in May 2014. When the news was originally announced, the join date was set to be “sometime in 2020” and happily this has proven to be true. It’s a little bit swings and roundabouts for the alliance, as they are losing South America’s LATAM in October. That means a gain in Africa and a loss in South America. How it all pans out remains to be seen. Join Date For Royal Air Maroc According to the oneworld alliance press release, the join...

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A tale about the mediocre British Airways flight in Club

As someone who is generally fairly easily pleased, it is not often that I find something mediocre. Imagine my surprise when I found everything about a British Airways flight in Club Europe to be just that. I was heading from Dublin to London Heathrow to check out the English version of Mamma Mia! The Party. Since I enjoy a treat when flying, I upgraded my ticket to business class. BA835 – Dublin to London Heathrow (DUB-LHR) 10 November 2019 Airbus A320neo – G-TTNF Seat: Business Class 2F Departure: 12:55 Arrival: 14:25 I’m not entirely sure why BA don’t use...

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