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Trent is an Australian flyer in "exile" in Ireland. You'll find detail about his flights and other travel related experiences, all of which is self-funded. As a result of his undying passion for the premium classes, he has been reduced to an affordable diet of bread and water when at home.

What are the strangest things aircraft have hit in the air?

The Aviation Herald is reporting that a Virgin Australia aircraft in Australia hit one of the strangest things. It appears that during climb out from Melbourne, the Boeing 737 hit an Eagle carrying a Rabbit. Engine issues occurred as a result and the aircraft returned safely to Melbourne. While hitting birds is not all that rare, colliding with one carrying a Rabbit is pretty unusual. It got me thinking about some of the other weird things aircraft have hit. Is A Fish The Strangest Thing? When you come across a story dated 1 April that mentions an aircraft being...

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Non-English speakers always get this aviation word wrong

It is interesting to look at word differences in the aviation industry. In different countries using the English language, certain things are named in different ways. People who learn English as a second language usually get a particular word incorrect. Whenever I see it, it annoys me because it is just so very wrong. Looking at Aircraft The aviation word in question is the word aircraft. Very simple, right? An aircraft is a machine that is capable of flight. No surprises there at least. The issue arises when it comes to the plural. Aircraft is a collective word, like...

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Air Berlin Ends Long Haul Service With A Farewell Fly Past

Air Berlin is a oneworld alliance airline that has experienced financial difficulties for several years now. Alas, the airline is finally going out of business with the last flights occurring on 27 October. Around a dozen destinations will be lost from the alliance map as a result. As a fitting farewell, the last long haul flight did a fly past at Düsseldorf Airport which is well worth checking out. The BBC is reporting the pilots have been suspended as a result but other reports say it was sanctioned by the airline. But why is the airline going out of...

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Airbus thwart Boeing in stunning Bombardier CSeries move

In a completely unexpected move, Canadian manufacturer Bombardier has handed Europe’s Airbus control of the CSeries aircraft programme. Airbus expect regulatory approval in the second half of 2018 to acquire the 50.1% stake. There are two versions of the aircraft, the CS100 which seats 103-133 passengers and is in service with Swiss. A stretched version, the CS300, seats 130-160 passengers and is currently flying for airBaltic. In service are 14 aircraft in total and there are 346 on firm order. Tariff Problems Delta Air Lines in the USA ordered 75 of the CSeries and Boeing essentially threw its toys...

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Client Liaison resurrect Ansett Australia in new music video

How can an Australian indie band called Client Liaison resurrect a defunct airline? In a very unique manner thanks to an interesting music video for their latest single. A little explanation – Ansett Australia was an airline with a rich history on the Australian aviation scene. Operating from 1936 to 2001, it was one of two major domestic airlines in the country and a member of Star Alliance. Client Liaison Client Liaison hail from Melbourne and take some of their influences from the high flying excesses of the 1980s. Their music, lyrics, clothes and video themes often feature iconic...

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Services Finally Commence to Remote St Helena Island

St Helena island finally has scheduled air services more than a year after the airport opened. Why is this big news? The British Overseas Territory is far out in the Atlantic and is often referred to as one of the remotest places in the world. Currently there is a cargo ship that services the island’s population of 4,500 once or twice a month. This departs from Cape Town and the journey takes around five days. As you can imagine, the people living on St Helena are going to find their lives transformed. South African Airlink The airline serving the...

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Engine issues force Virgin Atlantic to use Delta for JFK

Bloomberg is reporting that Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787 engine issues have forced the airline to ask Delta to operate one of the daily flights between New York JFK and London Heathrow. This will continue for the rest of October 2017. This is an interesting development as it goes on to state that Virgin “also took some (787s) out of service in April.” The article puts a positive spin on things, using this as a good example of the two airlines close relationship. Boeing 787 Engine Issues An article in an Aviation Week publication called InsideMRO states the engine issues...

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Revealed: Secret British Airways Registration Meanings

Just like a car, all aircraft carry a unique registration. This is usually a sequence of letters and numbers beginning with a unique letter or two that identifies the country the aircraft is registered in. In the United States these begin with N, in Australia it is VH, in Ireland EI and in the UK the country letter is G. Interestingly, the people at British Airways have a theme or code to their registrations which is interesting if you’re into aviation. Unique Registration Marks One Boeing 777-236ER carries the registration G-RAES with the letters standing for Royal Aeronautical Engineering...

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First Boeing 787-10 is unveiled in Singapore Airlines livery

Boeing has rolled out the very first Boeing 787-10 from the paint shop. The aircraft is destined to be delivered to Singapore Airlines in May 2018 and looks pretty magnificent in the Asian carriers livery. The Boeing 787-10 is the largest of the Dreamliner family with the ability to carry more passengers and cargo than previous versions. As a result, the aircraft has less range than the Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 that came beforehand. Who Has Ordered The Boeing 787-10? Singapore Airlines is the launch customer of the aircraft and they have 30 on order, the same amount as...

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Is a frequent flyer status or mileage run bad for the health?

In frequent flyer circles there are things called a mileage run or a status run. For the uninitiated, a mileage run is generally to take a lot of flights in a short period of time to bank a lot of miles in one go. A status run or a tier point run is essentially the same thing. This is where a person takes a lot of flights in a short period of time with the goal of achieving a particular elite level in an airlines frequent flyer programme. Is it safe though? Give Me An Example Status Run As...

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