William is the lead travel agent for an irie family of four. He hails from Nashville where his family wanders the world looking to quench their thirst for adventure, laughs and positivity. Live within your means, travel beyond them!

Travel Bloggers Unite and Inspire

Inspiration comes from a multitude of places. We all have an internal list of people, places and things that inspire us. As a part-time blogger it can sometimes be frustrating to find inspiration. We never want to feel compelled to write, the happier and more creative alternative is to be inspired to write. It’s more evident in what you read and what you take from it to carry you through in your own life.   Are You Inspiring? The year of 2016 will go down as one where the world, and especially the United States, has lost inspirations. From...

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Credit Card Miles, Points and Bonuses

It was inevitable that things would switch directions on me. Years ago, before I ever started playing around with the credit card miles and points and bonuses, I was still a traveler. Just not the kind of traveler I wanted to be. I wanted to go further, see more, and experience new places and customs.  My wife and I decided we couldn’t care less about the big house, fancy cars or even the best clothes. We still get some pretty nice clothes, but at a fraction of the cost. I handle the travel gig; my wife handles the discounts...

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Death of the guidebook? Maybe not!

I’m not really an old-timer but there are some things that still classify me as such. I find myself using the term, “back in my day”, which prompts a what the hell did I say moment. And yes, I’m also that guy you see walking in cities around the world carrying a guidebook. I have a tablet, a smartphone and yet, my comfort deteriorates if that trusty (crap, another old man word) guidebook isn’t tucked away in my backpack. It is true that sometimes I may not even take it out, but just knowing that it is there loading...

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Don’t Be Scared to Take Vacation Time

Life is truly about perspective and when it comes to juggling work and home life, you may be surprised to learn that what you think is the reality may only be the perception. I’ve watched at my employment over the last few weeks as the head of my organization has been working towards retirement, which will occur in a matter of days. In a conversation with him, I mentioned how strange it will feel to wake up and, suddenly, not have the obligations or worries that accompany a workday. At the point where his swan song began, he mentioned...

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Living Like a Rock Star- NYC

Having been in this travel game with memberships, credit cards, and multiple levels of benefits for several years, it was time that I received a little payoff for all of the hard work, not to mention, stressful credit card applications where I seemingly poured out my information and ultimate trust in the websites and vendors I chose. We’ve had multiple trips, almost too many to count. I sometimes do though as a quiet gloat to myself, because who likes to hear someone brag. The planning itself can drive you mad sometimes, especially for a family of four. First class...

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The Fine Line of the Vacation Snob

I have a growing concern that I have watched simmer for a bit with my friends and family. It has to do with our seemingly endless dribble of our many vacations. As our travel appetite has increased, so has the locales, many exotic, that we find ourselves in quite often. Understand my wife and I fully comprehend the wonderful gift of travel that we have been afforded. My kids, albeit a bit young, even now are starting to realize that not everyone has the opportunity that we have. We encourage them not to boast or gloat, but simply to...

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Work and Travel- All About Balance

Get the balance right. Over and over I tell myself this mantra, almost to the point where feel I’m trying to make myself believe it. Welcome to my blog, M.A.D. Trippin (Mom & Dad Trippin’) where I search for that fine line between work and play. Here to speak for that working stiff that toils day in and day out searching for the meaning of life, or at least a cup of coffee. Like many of you, I too, would love to sweep off my desk into a box, give my final salute and march off to the clear...

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