William is the lead travel agent for an irie family of four. He hails from Nashville where his family wanders the world looking to quench their thirst for adventure, laughs and positivity. Live within your means, travel beyond them!

So When Did Travel Become a Bad Thing?

Excuse me for getting a bit out-of-bounds on this post here, but I’m starting to wonder when the chips will fall. At an extremely uncomfortable rate, we’ve watched our world change in many ways. The tourism industry is taking hits left and right and those chips are stacking against us. Hostage crises, ISIS, extremists, plowing cars and a litany of other panic-inducing episodes bring fear into a traveler’s life. On the home front, United Airlines, reduction of loyalty perks, smuggling of just about everything, and even US Air Marshals leaving loaded guns in bathrooms leaves travelers teething and wondering...

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Review- Trakdot Luggage Tracker

In a perfect world, all travelers could enjoy the perfect experience while jet setting on airplanes. But as we’ve seen over the years, this is simply not the case. If you travel frequently, you must expect the tide to turn against you every so often. Not the United-type of tide, but general issues that you can’t seem to avoid. Our family has come to the conclusion that in 10 journeys, one…at a minimum, is going to go wrong. Your luggage being misplaced or lost by the airline isn’t common, but it’s also not rare. With the certainty that this...

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Why I Kept the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Signature Card

The Park Inn in Prague yet again reminds me why I have yet to cancel or even downgrade my Club Carlson Premier Rewards Signature credit card. It had been a long overdue formality that once my annual fee came due, I would be the next to jump on the bandwagon to take this card from my wallet and rarely use again. I will admit we have used Club Carlson points on several overnights in the past year for layovers or quick one-day trips that matter very little to me in terms of overall quality. The Country Inn Suites has...

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Postcards From Afar- A Lesson of the Written Word

Contrary to what you have heard, the power of the written word is not dead. The lonely postcard is still a consistent seller in just about every tourist location known. Who knows if these postcards actually are sent or if there merely filed away with the rest of the vacation memories we collect. However, for some, it remains a pipeline to relay the beautiful images we see wherever we roam. I, for one, remain convinced that this form of journey communications will exist as long as the post office continues to mail them. In my own personal experience, it...

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Review- Holiday Inn Express and Suites Charlotte Airport

The layover hotel after a long overseas trip has never been one of my favorites. More often than not, I tend to pay little attention to the amenities when making my decision, which is usually based solely on minimum points. So our recent layover in Charlotte, North Carolina after a return trip from Rome was not expected to be a highlight of our trip. Based on our loyalty points with IHG, it seemed the best option we had was a stay at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites Charlotte Airport. Located less than two miles away from Charlotte International...

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Don’t Call it a Bucket List

Have you ever wondered how many people have a bucket list and never do anything with it? It would be nearly impossible to investigate but the bucket list to me represents more things that I will probably “never” do. Because of that, I am doing my best to take the term out of my vocabulary. It just does not represent what I want out of life. The additions to the bucket list are typically places or things that you may not even be equipped financially or mentally to cross off your list. I have decided to make a new...

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Leaders Club Taking Back Free Memberships

The hacking gods giveth and they taketh away. Earlier this month I was pleased to receive some information on a Frequent Miler Quick Deal from Nick Reyes that allowed me to take advantage of a FREE membership to Leaders Club, a subsidiary of Leading Hotels of the World. Like most flash offers, I jumped on it immediately and received the following email response. Almost Too Easy Sweet! That was fast, easy and gave me access to some pretty “ritzy”hotels and service that would otherwise not have anything to do with a southern boy like me. I did take the opportunity to...

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The School of Travel for Kids

The short weekend getaway trip. For some it’s a simple as booking a last second flight and simply making it work no matter what the flight arrangements. If your option or preference is to travel with your children, the word of the day becomes improvisation. The school year can take a pretty good chunk of possible vacation days away from you. That is if you let it. With two teenage girls under the roof, every precaution is taken to ensure that the absolute least amount of school is missed. Fortunately, we rarely miss the opportunity or regret the choice...

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Review- Buffalo Tiger Everglades Airboat Tours Miami

The National Parks are certainly America’s greatest idea as has been stated many times. Our family, in recent months, have decided to conquer as many of these as possible. The order in which we choose to explore has centered on the uncomfortable premise of which ones may be disappearing. Whether you choose to believe in global warming or not, the fact remains that, the Everglades water is rising and the glaciers are receding. I have no intent on swaying political or environmental agendas, as my agenda is the family vacation. Therefore, when the opportunity arose for us to visit...

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Election Lesson Learned

Maybe it was inevitable that the world would change at 30,000 feet. That’s not entirely unusual but the culmination of events have caused a pause in my normal everyday thinking. Last week on Inauguration Day and just before you roll your eyes and sense the coming of a pro or con perspective, relax. I’m not what you would consider a political person and that in effect is not the reason for this random rumination of thought. What I am is human and while the world watches with anticipation and trepidation, the world continues to evolve outside the bubble of DC. In...

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