William is the lead travel agent for an irie family of four. He hails from Nashville where his family wanders the world looking to quench their thirst for adventure, laughs and positivity. Live within your means, travel beyond them!

Go Far and Go Early With Family Travel

Don’t waste time! Don’t do it. You’ve heard it before and as cliché as it sounds, the time really does fly by. Before those little kids of yours decide to leave the nest, you should really consider going far and going early. Family travel changes fast so make those seemingly far off destinations the first on your list if possible. So, staring out my office window in my 9-5 day job (is that wrong), I sit here typing away on my all-to-infrequent side “job” wondering what’s next. For the first time in my life travel itinerary, I find our...

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Poor Hotel, Great Staff- A Lesson for the Hilton Curacao

So do you think that hotel reviews really tell the full story? The brutal truth  is that if you only go by the star levels, you may miss a great experience. Believe me when I tell you the intention was there on our recent trip to the Hilton Curacao to do an exhaustive review of the property on this blog. I took some pictures, met the staff and was prepared to tell it all good or bad. However, in the end, that plan was derailed and here is why. Those damn reviews. Leading up to this trip, much like...

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Give an Inch for the Good of Your Country!

It’s 29 inches! Plenty of space to watch the world pass you by in the window of an airplane, right? That’s a good couple feet…plus 5 inches! It’s even a make-able putt but not a gimme. I mean the saying goes if you give an inch, someone will take you a mile. If you take 29 of them, you’ll certainly travel far I would think. Or maybe you’ve heard that size is relative. It’s honestly how you internalize 29 inches that counts and maybe it is more room than we think? The realization that airlines would convert rows of...

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Yeah That’s My Metal Card

The metal card. The overnight delivery. The over-the-top packaging. Go ahead and suck it up and admit that you simply love the difference in look and feel of the premium credit cards. Just how important is the aesthetics that accompany your brand new credit card? Maybe more than you think. From a consumer standpoint, the appeal is obvious. But from a marketing standpoint, it’s a little bit of genius involved in the delivery from the issuer to the eventual destination. The financial industry is always looking for an edge that will make their products and services simply stand out...

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Capital One Using the 24 Month Card Limit Rule

Is Capital One really mimicking the Chase 5/24 rule for its applications? It appears so! After taking a year off for the most part in chasing credit card offers, my wife and I have been fairly aggressive for the most part to try to stock up some points for some big trips on the horizon. The year off was mainly taken out of necessity at the time in order for us to see if we could somehow climb out of the Chase 5/24 rule that seemed to have handcuffed us recently. Sometime around the beginning of 2017 we basically...

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Barclays Aviator Red MasterCard Offers Round Up Service

“Turn your spare change into travel. ” I’m always excited to receive offers in the mail from the credit cards in my wallet. I’m usually excited when Barclays sends me one as they’ve been quite lucrative when it comes to small total purchases equating to fairly large bonuses, especially the Aviator Red MasterCard. So it comes as no surprise when I received this latest postcard in the mail with those aforementioned words about turning change into travel through a new pilot program. The offer states: We’re extending to you an exclusive invitation to participate in our new Flight Cents...

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Flying is Magical

Flying these days doesn’t seem fun at all. I’ll start off with that statement because the rest of this can only get better as I continue. With all of the misery that comes with flying, it’s almost impossible to find the positive side of an aviation adventure to get you from point a to point b. From shrinking seats to bad service, we’ve watched what was once an elegant voyage cascade into a myriad of frustrations and retweeted mishaps. Is it so long ago that flying was like the below picture? But are we sometimes, excuse the line, flying...

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Make Excuses to Travel Not the Other Way Around

Not enough time. The words that are uttered relentlessly from just about everyone when asked why they haven’t been on a vacation. For those of us that travel frequently, believe it or not, those words are uttered just as much. Like an addictive drug, we spend days pouring over the possibilities of getting away from it all. Unfortunately, if you are one of the many peons that slug it out all day in a 9-5, finding time for vacations can be even more difficult. But there are ways to achieve all the demands on your time and add to...

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Our Travel Buddy Named Beer

I went to the desert to find myself, but I only found a beer. And that my friends is all that I needed. Sometimes it’s just that easy. Kind of strange how things can simply get better with a beer. Apologies to those who are simply unable to partake or choose not to, but some of the best times we have had over our many vacations has been with that frosty…sometimes, beverage in our hands. Even a warm beer can make the day that much nicer depending on the time and place. I’m certainly not advocating that you drop...

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With Travel Comes Change

The world is changing, that much we know. Of course the debate will be for the better or worse, but I tend to stay away from political discussion as much as possible. But, something has just felt different. I’ve become a bit more consumed with the news than at any other time in my life and I’ve come to a realization. As I’ve grown older, my aspirations have changed as the years have increased. At one point in younger times and obviously with an immature brain, I wanted to be an US Senator. Thankfully, that never occurred although health...

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