Miss All Over the Place [Kate Mitchell], is a NYC based flight attendant and adventurer from Texas, currently residing in the Garden State. She can't stay in one place for long, and is a lover of performance, art, food, travel, and trying all things new. To keep up, follow her lifestyle and travel blog, MissAllOverThePlace.com!

Day 2: New York City Guide to Midtown Manhattan

Day 1 | Day 3 | Day 4 Welcome to Day 2 of my method to the madness that is New York City! Below you’ll find a comprehensive guide to these must-see spots, divided into a 4 day itinerary. I’ll also include transit information to help you get from place to place — let’s go! Day 2- Midtown Manhattan (Times Square, 46th St and Broadway) Times Square Times Square Photo: Traveldigg.com It’s hard to miss this one. Follow the bright lights to the city’s center in Times Square. Do some shopping, catch a Broadway show, or just slowly turn to...

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Day 1: New York City Guide to Uptown Manhattan

Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 Below begins my attempt at method to the madness that is New York City. Since moving to the east coast, I have become a regular tour guide for my friends when they visit. While the plethora of lists out there are informative, they lack guidance on how to accomplish actually seeing everything. Below you’ll find a comprehensive guide to these must-see spots, divided into a 4 day itinerary. I’ll also include transit information to help you get from place to place — now lets get started! Day 1- Uptown Manhattan (1000 5th...

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What a Medical Emergency Looks Like at 30,000 Feet

· Told from a Flight Attendant’s perspective · Names and details are omitted for confidentially purposes It was a seemingly normal workday, as it always is. We had set off on the last leg of our trip, and were only an hour away from landing. I had just finished the first class service, when I received a call from the back of the aircraft: “We have a medical emergency – a passenger just collapsed and is unconscious.” Immediately I called the cockpit to inform them of the situation. I would call back with details and updates as they came. I then made...

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Flight Attendant Secrets Revealed: What it Takes to Get the Job

Welcome to the second of the series “Flight Attendant Secrets Revealed”, in which I explain the interview requirements. Since beginning last year, I have received countless questions about what it takes to become a Flight Attendant. Since there isn’t much information online, I’ve happily mentored and given the best advice I could muster. While there are differences in the interview process for each airline, I’m here to break down the basics and help you move forward confidently! Good Timing Staking grounds into a new career is all about timing. With this job’s competitive nature however, it becomes absolutely imperative. When I...

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Hop On, Hop Off Bus Tours: Are They Worth It?

We see these almost every time we go to a new city. They look intriguing enough, but are they really worth it? Over this past year, I’ve given these tour buses a try in Chicago, Washington D.C., London and Milan. Although I have varied between bus companies (like City Sightseeing and Big Bus), I have generally had the same experience with each one. Join me as I travel between the pros and cons of using a tour bus as your travel guide. Pros and Cons Price vs. Crowds Pro: For starters, one thing that keeps bringing me back to these bus tours...

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Quick Tips: Prepare for Your Next Trip Abroad

There’s nothing more exciting than having a chance to explore a new place. Whether the trip be spontaneous or a lifelong dream, sometimes actually preparing can be daunting. Be it the constant travel as a flight attendant or long-term organizational tendencies, I have created a methodical way for preparing for your next trip! Research When I first start getting ready to travel, I begin with a trusty Google search. Simply typing “things to do in ______” will bring up tons of articles, blogs, videos, etc. about the place you’re visiting. I begin by sorting through some of my favorite...

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City Guide: Keep Calm and London On

Of the places my feet have had the pleasure to wander, London has always been one of my favorites. An incredible city rich in history, culture and distinct personality, there is no end of things to do. Follow me as I guide you through the places you don’t want to miss! First of all, I want to make sure and include that this guide in it’s entirety is not for the faint of heart. It can be expanded to a up to a full week’s itinerary, and starts with my favorite highlights in Northern London wrapping around clockwise to ending on the West End. Abbey...

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Flight Attendant Secrets Revealed: What You Need to Know

A year ago I had a shiny new pair of wings pinned to my chest. Since then, my office has been at 30,000 feet in the air, and my home is where ever my head hits the pillow. It’s a lot more than wearing pressed clothes and smiling, and yet often times passengers don’t have a clue as to what the career really entails. Being a Flight Attendant is commonly described as less of a job and more of a lifestyle, and I’m here to clue you in on what it’s really all about! Join me as I embark...

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