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Blessing is a Chemical Engineer residing in Houston, TX with her super-smart 1st grader. When she is not juggling her career, single motherhood and entrepreneurship, she gets active and explores the world with her daughter.

Travel Luggage For Kids

We love to travel as a family, and I don’t think anyone loves it as much as I do. As a working mom who traveled two to three weeks to Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia, you can imagine how much I look forward to vacation with my family. However, as much as we travel, I am yet to purchase a travel luggage for my child. My daughter is well over 8 years old and started traveling consistently at age 2. I was put off by the famous Disney-character luggage on the market and other similar ones that were either too...

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Traveling as a Single Parent – What You Need to Know

As a single parent who travels often, you would think I would be prepared for traveling with my little one. Camille is only 7 years old, and together we have traveled to at least 15 countries. Due to the nature of my work, I have traveled even further than she has; hence I should be knowledgeable about these sorts of things, but I am not. Because I have missed flights, yelled at customs and gate agents due to lack of preparation, I will share my travel mishaps with you. But first, documentation, documentation, documentation! I cannot stress enough that you need the...

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Review: Wild Orchid, Belize

In my last post, I promised to review our accommodation in Placencia, Belize. Belize is a beautiful country. It may not look like it when you land, with sub-par amenities. However if your goal is to experience the tourist destinations like Ambergris Caye, then you certainly will see modern and upscale features. We decided to head to Placencia. It is a less touristy destination for relaxation purposes. And more importantly because we wanted a more private experience. I actually stumbled on Wild Orchid after an exhaustive search on Airbnb,, Expedia and others. However, I ended up booking directly with...

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Going Unplugged in Belize

When we made the decision to visit Belize, only three weeks after our Mexico trip, we not only thought about our wallet, we also weren’t sure how we were going to survive on a private island in Placencia, a whopping 4hours away from the major tourist destination Ambergris Caye. We chose Placencia for its calmness, beauty and slow pace. Going unplugged in Belize was a no-brainer. A short  and direct flight from Houston, and pika-free consequently placed it at the top of our list. And, when you are bent on spending your 30th birthday away from chaos and stress, you...

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Traveling with Kids to Cancun

Traveling with kids to Cancun can be so much fun! First, a few highlights: Chichen Itza A.D 600, one of the seven wonders of the world Ventura WaterPark (think Wet’n’Wild) Aqua world – Jet Ski Swimming and Beaching all day, everyday Shopping at the local malls Our trip started off in Houston, TX. We couldn’t score a direct flight through Aeromexico, so we flew to Mexico City and then to Cancun. The flight was uneventful other than a few hiccups in Mexico City with customs. We arrived late at 2am and scored a super cheap shared bus to our hotel which was about 20 mins away from the airport. One thing to note here, there are shuttle buses at the Cancun airport that can group you with other travelers to hotels in the Hotel zone. They usually run about $10 per person. The forecast for the week was all thunderstorms and rain, so we decided to sleep in the first day and see what the rest of the week brings. Luckily the rain didn’t last long, and we got a mixture of rain and sunshine throughout our stay. Chichen Itza A.D 600, Yucatan Mexico This activity was booked ahead of time through Travelocity, and I am sure other sites such as Viator and Expedia have similar offerings at similar price ranges. It cost about $70 person for the 2hr trip to Yucatan from...

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Affording Summer Vacations with Kids

Affording summer vacation with kids requires proper planning and learning to say no (like constant demand for Shopkins, geez!). We just got back from our 10-day trip abroad. We are literally ten shades darker but who cares. This year we planned on traveling to Costa Rica, however, we looked at the economics at the time, and at the very last minute decided on Cancun, Mexico. As a background, my 7yo daughter Tee and I go on at least two or three vacations outside of the country per year. We started in 2013, so this is our fourth year traveling. In 2013, we...

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A Love Affair in Beijing

Love stories are for teens, let’s talk travel stories. Since this is my first post on Travel Update, I’ll introduce myself briefly. My name is Blessing, you can find me on social media as @oohblessing. I am a twenty-something single-working-mom. I discovered travel following a nasty divorce and decided I needed to re-center and re-focus. Shortly afterwards, I took on an international assignment with my company and started traveling across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA); I started missing my daughter on these trips, and started bringing her along or tacking on a vacation to my work trip. When...

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