Desert Explorer

This Lebanese, Cherokee Indian is traveling all over the Middle East and any other tropical climate he can find. Taylor cannot function without three cups of coffee per day.

Personal Excerpt: Long Weekend Getaway to DC & NYC

For the past few weeks I had been planning on getting down to NYC to visit some friends and catch the highly anticipated football game between the Giants and Cowboys. Rather than driving down and back running on unleaded and coffee, I figured I would make an actual trip of it. So here I was, early in the week without any reservations, but still looking to make something more of it. I had just received an email from Jet Blue about their 12 day “December to Adventure” sales event, so I checked it out. Their first offer was a $20 one...

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The Best FREE Cash Back Credit Card If You Travel

Nowadays, credit cards geared for traveling have great benefits. Many offer 2 points on the dollar for gas, restaurants, hotels, airlines, etc. However, more and more people are in search of a solid credit card that simply gives you cash when you make a purchase. Many regard the Chase Freedom card as the best featuring no annual fee, 1% cash back on all purchases, 5% cash back on rotating categories such as gas and groceries, and a $150 bonus after spending just $500 in the first three months. Pretty good. But not the best in my opinion. The minimum to...

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Hotel Review: Presidential Suite in Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

I had never been to Vegas in my life prior to this trip and had to visit at least one time after hearing Vegas stories from everyone. At the end of the day, Vegas is a bit overrated. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is just a corny punch line that people like to say when they envision being Alan from Hangover. However, the Venetian is a spectacular resort. I originally picked it because the CEO is from Massachusetts like myself. Unfortunately, I was not a travel blogger at the time so I apologize in advance for limited pictures. Firstly,...

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Why TSA is Not Fully to Blame

So I’m sure you have all heard about how the wait lines are exceeding 3 hours in some airports because of the TSA. There have been 70,000 missed flights due to long lines and the number is only increasing. Plenty of people are identifying different problems but it really boils down to one issue: They are understaffed but they are not fully to blame. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting in a two hour line and seeing three security lanes closed off because there is not enough staff. For those of you who have not had to endure...

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Hotel Review: One Hotel Miami

A friend of mine was visiting Miami and asked me to join him this past weekend. I have visited the city numerous times and generally stay at the Fontaine Bleu. However, it was booked so I decided to try the One Hotel located on Collins Ave in South Beach. All I knew prior to visiting the hotel was that it was relatively new opened in March of 2015. As soon as I walked into the Hotel, it impressed. One Hotel Lobby I also noticed a room in the lobby where three employees were gardening which I found bizarre to find in...

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