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The Points Pundit's quest to travel the world was fueled by an insatiable appetite to experience language, culture, people and music all over the world. By using miles, points and loyalty programs astutely, he has now traveled to 6 continents! A marketing executive by profession, he leverages his marketing acumen to analyze the business side of loyalty programs and travel industry trends.

The fastest way to fly from San Diego, CA to India

Where it currently stands Many of my friends in San Diego who have family in India are always looking for the best flight deals to fly to Mumbai or New Delhi or wherever their home city in India is. Since an annual trip to India is pretty much the norm for most, flights providing direct connectivity and under two stops are in high demand. The LAX option A lot of people prefer to travel in a different way – they’d rather drive one way to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and save a few bucks, since fares from LAX...

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Welcome to The Points Pundit, your new home for travel

I started The Points Pundit due to two reasons. Firstly, I have an insatiable appetite to travel. I think that there’s an endless treasure trove of content to cover. There is really no limit when it comes to exploring our beautiful planet. Secondly, as someone who moved to the US about a decade back, I’ve gone from struggling to look for the best airfares online to try visiting family in India once every year to seamlessly traveling multiple times to India and around Asia almost every year, thanks to points and miles! My travels have spanned over 12 countries,...

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