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A full-time Marketing Executive by profession, Ashish’s foray into the world of travel was while looking for flight deals to visit family in India every year while attending business school in the US. He now travels the world for for a fraction of the cost by using a combination of flight deals, miles, points and loyalty programs. He frequently shuttles between San Diego, CA and Mumbai, India every year, fondly calling each of the west coast cities his home.

How reliable are Trip Advisor reviews?

In emails seen by the Guardian, a woman called “K” approached TripAdvisor to say she had been raped by a tour guide whose business was being promoted on the website. After contacting the hotel where he worked and reporting him to the police, K wanted to warn other tourists.

TripAdvisor responded by suggesting K could leave a first person review detailing her sexual assault on the website.

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The fastest way to fly from San Diego, CA to India

Where it currently stands Many of my friends in San Diego who have family in India are always looking for the best flight deals to fly to Mumbai or New Delhi or wherever their home city in India is. Since an annual trip to India is pretty much the norm for most, flights providing direct connectivity and under two stops are in high demand. The LAX option A lot of people prefer to travel in a different way – they’d rather drive one way to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and save a few bucks, since fares from LAX...

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