Heading back to the ATL next week. So shocking, I know. Hadn’t really planned on being there, but the need arose to go now instead of next month, so that’s what I’m going to do. Back to the W Atlanta – Midtown, and flying Delta. Nothing unusual there, but I am scheduled to fly on an MD-90 for believe it or not, the first time ever! Is it weird that I’m a little excited about flying on a new (to me) plane?! Nah, I didn’t think so! I’m likely to be on the road for most of the end of August and all of September. Good opportunities to review new hotels and explore new places. Can’t wait.

In other news, my apologies for fewer new posts in the last couple of days. The annual manager’s meeting for my day job was this week here in DC, and I’ve been….well…busy with it. Normal posting schedule resumes now. Thank you for your tolerance.