US Airways announced a major seasonal expansion
of international service from its Charlotte hub to several new
destinations in Europe. The schedules for the new services are as
follows. Screen Shot
2013-10-21 at 9.01.21 AM According to US Airways,
this bring the number of international destinations served from
Charlotte to 38, “ten cities in Europe and 28
in Canada, Mexico, Latin America, South
America and the Caribbean.  US Airways now serves 145
airports in 28 countries from Charlotte.” A big question
will be how much of this international service continues if the
merger with American is approved. I think it is certain that there
will be changes, and some destinations will be dropped. A good bit
of the island destinations may be at risk.
Being the resident contrarian, I do not think that the Charlotte
hub itself is at risk, and could even see additional services to
London, and perhaps Madrid (thinking Oneworld connections). No
matter what happens, it will be interesting to watch things
unfold as we move forward. -MJ, October 21, 2013