Seriously people, I recognize the world we live in is a lot less civil than it used to be.  We’re all hyper opinionated, hyper partisan, hyper into what WE think, and don’t give a rat’s arse what anyone else thinks about it.  Being one who is prone to an occasional case of potty-mouth, I’m a little sympathetic to the guy who got himself kicked off an ASA operated Delta Connection flight this week.  Please tell me there was more to it than that.  I don’t care what Delta’s contract of carriage says about being disorderly, etc.  Now, if this little tirade was directed at the flight attendant in an “in your face” manner, then maybe I’ll be a little more sympathetic.  But if this was a case of an uptight flight attendant exerting their “authority,” then…well, you know where I stand.  Please tell me there was more.

Then there’s the case of droopy pants college football player, who apparently had the audacity to board a US Airways flight with his boxers showing.  While I think it’s a little beyond silly to walk around with your pants half-way down your ass, I live in the year 2011 and occasionally leave my house.  It’s pretty obvious that it’s a bit of a fashion trend among some younger folk.  What I expect happened is that the flight attendant told him to pull up his pants (and we could debate whether they should’ve cared or not), and then pants man decided to get lippy, which is always a losing proposition with a flight attendant whether you are in the “right” or not.

I’ll offer the same advice I offered a customer during my airline manager days.  (I’m paraphrasing a tiny bit.)  Just in case you didn’t know, an airplane is not a democracy, really, it isn’t.  The crew is in charge.  If you really believe you are being wronged by a member of the crew, comply when they ask (Please don’t send me a bunch of emails saying silly things like so…if they tell me to shoot myself, I’m supposed to comply?  You know what I mean), and then take it up with the airline after you land.  You will not win on the airplane, really you won’t.  If you really were wronged, the airline will try to make it right with you in the end.  Then as now, that advice applies.  And pull up your f&%$ pants already!