Baggage Claim is one of those harrowing parts of travel. A plane load of passengers is dumped unceremoniously at the airport and the unfortunate people then need to locate Baggage Claim and hope their luggage has made it safely through the flight.

Everyone who travels by air waits on tenterhooks by the baggage carousel on arrival sweating with hope. Standing around and trying to look casual while scrutinising the procession of look alike bags is all part of the experience. What makes it easier?

Stand Out At Baggage Claim

Straps, stickers and tassels seem to be the favourite ways to make items stand out at Baggage Claim. There are a kaleidoscope of colours and styles and some people can be quite creative.

Others have their baggage wrapped in plastic which is for security purposes. I never bother to lock my luggage and nothing has ever been stolen so I don’t really see the point of the plastic wrap. That said, it does stand out as most people don’t do it.

I purchased the biggest Samsonite case available when I decided to move to Ireland. It is black which means it blends in with just about every other piece of luggage ever produced.

A black and yellow strap to one side and a few white dots on the bottom provide enough identification for me. I always know which bag is mine and drag it off happily once it arrives at the airport.

How About This For Unique?

How about putting a picture of yourself on your luggage? The user jew3lr0se on Imgur posted a photo of exactly that. It is startling in its simplicity.

This is a brilliant idea! I travel on my own and I have my own suitcase which no-one else uses. A great big picture of me on there would make it extremely easy to know which case is mine.

Where Do I Get One?

A quick look online shows a company called Bags of Love in the UK does a Personalised Suitcase. There is also another called Design A Suitcase and one called Personalised Luggage.

These sites are the first three that come up when I did a Google search and I have not used them nor am I affiliated with them. Who knew this was a thing? Temptation is calling!

Overall Thoughts

Putting your great big smiling mug on your bag is a definite way to stand out at Baggage Claim. I’d be very tempted to put a funny photo of me to amuse the people who come in contact with the item. Clearly you can use any photo with these companies.

Even if it is a novelty it is pretty cool. For now though I will stick with my old faithful Samsonite with the black and yellow strap. What do you think of personalised luggage? Would you use it? Thank you for reading and please leave any comments or questions below.

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Featured image by Erwan Hesry via Unsplash. Photo case by jew3lr0se via Imgur.