Southwest is one of the most fun carriers. From their seating process to the quirky flight attendants, the airline is a breath of fresh air every time I fly them. I also appreciate the fact that they offer 2 free checked bags and free snacks and drinks onboard. For many many years, the airline offered packaged peanuts onboard its flight. Well, those days are gone, since Southwest is ending peanuts on all flights.


Say It Ain’t So!

After serving peanuts for many years, the airline announced they will no longer provide the packaged nuts. They state that the reason is in order to protect people who are allergic from being exposed. After doing some research, it makes perfect sense. People who are very allergic can have a reaction from peanut dust in the air. In the interest of public safety, the move comes as no surprise. This will be a welcome announcement for people who are allergic, and it won’t make much of an impact on customer experience.


How Does Southwest Compare Now?

Southwest will still have a competitive advantage against other carriers, since they offer two free checked bags and snack baskets on longer flights. The only airline that offers better inflight snacks on all flights is jetBlue. They have a wide variety of snacks unmatched by any airline in the US. American and Delta only offer pretzels or Biscoff cookies on their flights, so now Southwest is on par with their product. I still think that they are better, and offer a better customer experience.

Bye Bye Peanuts

Bye Bye Peanuts

Landing Thoughts:

Southwest is fun. Peanuts make flying not fun for some people. In order to make flying safe (and fun) for everyone, peanuts have to go. It makes me sad, since I like peanuts more than pretzels, but all for the greater good. This change will not make me fly Southwest any more, or less. In the end, it’s just a snack. Maybe they will replace the peanuts with another kind of food for shorter flights.


What do you think? Will you miss the peanuts on Southwest? What other snacks would you have Southwest replace the peanuts with?




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