Recent news that American Airlines employees will be voting on whether to maintain the recently adapted AA livery, or update it a bit with the old AA on the tail is an interesting twist. I know that I have speculated that the livery might be tweaked, but I’m surprised (in a good way) at how the new airline is approaching it.

There choices are to leave things just as they are with the new livery, or to repaint the aircraft tails with the old AA emblem. Nothing wrong with this approach, but where I had previously been convinced that something about the livery was going to change, specifically the tail art, I’m now less certain.

Not having seen any artistic renderings of what a return to “AA” on the aircraft tails would look like, I’m just imagining how they’d look, and the truth is that I like that even less than the new “piano keyboard” tail art. In truth, after my initial somewhat negative reaction to the new paint scheme, my opinion has softened over time. All of my initial opinions were based on digital photos, artist renderings, and models. As I’ve seen the new livery as it is applied to actual aircraft with my own eyes, I have to say that it is not as bad as I first thought, and has even begun to grow on me.

The bottom line – Based on the choices presented, I think the odds are better than even that the new American livery is here to stay in it’s initially introduced look. Seems like something fun for the rest of us to vote on, so here’s your chance. Should American keep the new livery as it is currently being applied, or should they update the tail art and go back to the AA that used to be displayed?

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