It’s hard not to be a little reflective the morning after a 600+ point stock market drop, and a credit downgrade of not just the US government, but a number of institutions closely connected to it. This crisis, like all others, will eventually pass. And when it does…and even before, people will want to travel, and so will you. While there’s not much doubt that I will be managing my credit score very carefully over the next months, and possibly years, my desire to explore will likely not be dampened. Don’t jump on every credit card offer that comes along, but do review all of them carefully, and really analyze what you might accomplish with the miles/points offer on the table.

Just because you think you might want to stay at a certain hotel sometime down the road is not a good reason to apply for a credit card from that chain (same applies to an airline you may or may not fly). But if an offer from a big airline (or hotel) that serves the place you know you want to travel to comes along at 50, 75 , or even 100,000 miles (or points), don’t let it pass by. Go for it. My point? Save your credit apps for the real deal, an offer that’s really going to make a difference in your travels, and when they come along, you’ll be ready to make the move.

Your tolerance of my philosophical post is appreciated.

P.S. Speaking of offers (albeit not a credit offer), 100 percent bonus miles for US Airways purchase is back. Surf on over to this link and take a look. Hat tip to Gary.