As you know, MrsMJ and I are spending the weekend aboard Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas. Majesty has a few special distinctions for us. One, she was the first ship we ever cruised aboard together, and is the ship we share the most cruises aboard together. She was also the ship that was the site of my bachelor party, but that’s a blog post for another day. 🙂

We are at sea today after canceling the stop at Coco Cay due to sea conditions. I admit, I was a bit worried as to whether we would make it to Coco Cay given the sea conditions departing Miami yesterday afternoon. It was by no means “awful,” but the ship was rockin’ a bit yesterday afternoon and into the night. It doesn’t take much to cancel a stop at a tender port, and as it turns out, I was right in thinking that our stop at Coco Cay was at risk.

Early this morning, the Captain announced that due to the sea conditions, we would be unable to conduct tender operations to shore. If you’ve spent much time on a tender, you understand. Eight foot seas are a challenge for a bit of a flat bottomed boat, so no Coco Cay for us. Happily, we are proceeding to Nassau where we will dock around 6:30PM, and spend the night before departing at 5:00PM tomorrow afternoon. So…what does one do on an unexpected day at sea?

First, you go back to sleep. And when that no longer works, you take a late breakfast and then do the things one does on a cruise. Relax, soak in a bit of sun by the pool, or work. Yes, I said work. It is possible from a ship even though cruising is the epitome of “vacation.” This is a short cruise…. I’m buried at work….. and I probably should be at work this weekend. But I’m not. That said, I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to get a few things done. This is what a working on a weekend cruise looks like.


Public service announcement: Yes, I know I’m doing this wrong, and only do this if you have to! Not only do I have to, but MrsMJ does too. Not a bad way to do the work thing though. 🙂

-MJ, October 26 2013