Since I frequently harp on Delta’s mobile website, I thought it only fair that I blog about a shortcoming I’ve discovered at American’s mobile site,  The last several times I’ve attempted to check in using my iPhone or BlackBerry, I can access my reservation easily enough, but no “check in” button appears.  This happened for at least the third time today.  I posted a note on this thread, and received a response from an FT user who has experienced a similar issue.  He even contacted the and Usablenet folks.  This FT user discovered that if you attempt to check in at and do NOT login to the website, it will work fine for you.  I just tried the same thing, and what do you know?  It works!  But you have to know your confirmation number.  Come on AA, fix this!

Note:  Got a reply on Twitter from @AAirwaves that they caught this post and are working on a resolution.  That’s pretty sweet!  Thanks AA!