The #AvGeek in me could not help but look at ExpertFlyer this morning. My mission – to see if the schedule change that converted former US Airways flights to American Airlines flights went through.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 9.29.55 AM

That’s just one US Airways market, but it looks like US Airways will be officially over on the morning of October 17, 2015 as planned. For what it’s worth, I attempted to book some of these flights on, but at the moment the website is defaulting to connections via DFW so things are still settling down with the schedule change.

I once called US Airways the country’s most underrated airline, something that drew a dare from fellow BA blogger Points, Miles, and Martinis to actually write a post saying that. 🙂 I never quite got around to that, but this really is the end of an era in more ways than one.

My first frequent flyer account was with Piedmont Airlines. I joined their program in December 1987, the date which now shows as my AAdvantage join date. By 1989, I had amassed enough miles for a redemption. Being an aviation fan, and definitely a Piedmont Airlines fan, I wanted to take one last flight with them before they merged with the company then called US Air. I booked a coach flight to LAX. When arriving at the airport I asked if award tickets could be upgraded, and the agent said yes. I handed over 60 bucks and he handed me two first class boarding passes. My flight from Fayetteville, NC to Charlotte was aboard a 737-300, a relatively new airplane at the time, but my connection was really where it was at – a brand new 767-200ER. Woot! I still have a drinking glass and the menu from that flight. I was ruined for life at age 19!

I suppose it is fitting that the airline that got me started in aviation is now merging with the one I wound up working for. The end of an era indeed. Just something on my mind on Sunday morning.

-MJ, July 19, 2015