Menu from American Airlines LAX-DCA flight. Photo by Barb DeLollis.

Menu from American Airlines LAX-DCA flight. Photo by Barb DeLollis.

Dear American Airlines: Apparently I’m not alone in wanting to buy your fruit and cheeses plate when sitting in coach on a transcontinental flight. In fact, they sold out on my last two flights – despite the $8.29 price tag.

I nabbed one of the last two fruit and cheese plates on my flight Wednesday from DCA to LAX simply by luck. Early on in the flight, I’d asked a flight attendant what was available for non-meat eaters and she told me about the fruit and cheese plate. Fortunately, she also told me there were just two left and I’d better buy one now or they’d be gone. I was glad I followed her advice.

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On my return flight yesterday, the fruit and cheese plates were completely sold out by the time the flight attendant got to my row – 27. The woman next to me wanted one, too. Our flight attendant gave the same tip as above: Buy one as soon as you get on the flight, because they routinely sell out.

So, here’s a thought: Why not stock more fruit and cheese plates on flights since they’re so in demand? Not everyone wants a sandwich with cold cuts.

In terms of quality, it was fine though don’t expect Cowgirl Creamery artisan organic cheeses! It’s similar to what you might buy at Starbucks. And when you’ve run out of time to buy something in the airport – or you’re simply uninspired by the offerings there, it’s a solid choice.

(Update: Response to my story from American Airlines via Twitter below.)

Readers: When you have to buy something on board a flight on any airline, what do you buy? What do you WISH you could buy?