WASHINGTON D.C. - American Airlines CEO Doug Parker at the Aviation Policy Summit. Photo by Barb DeLollis.

WASHINGTON D.C. – American Airlines CEO Doug Parker on Sept. 16 spoke with reporters after his speech at The Hill’s Aviation Policy Summit at the National Press Club. Photo by Barb DeLollis.

If you’re an airline history buff, then you’ll want to read veteran airline reporter Ted Reed’s article published on TheStreet.com yesterday.

Reed talks about American Airlines CEO Doug Parker’s plan to paint aircraft over the next few years to honor the airlines that now are part of the carrier. The airline is in the midst of integrating operations with US Airways.

The first heritage aircraft in the American Airlines fleet features the logo of America West, where Parker was previously the CEO, the article says.

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“As we move forward, we will remember to embrace our past,” Parker recently wrote, according to article. “We plan to paint some ‘heritage’ aircraft — modern planes painted with logos from the past from airlines that have formed today’s American.”

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