Greetings and aloha from the balcony of our room at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa!! This is a wonderful hotel that I would have no issue recommending to my friends. You can check out the hotel’s website here. It’s a beautiful, and very large property located about 15 miles from the Lihue airport.

Lady Astrojets and I departed Washington Dulles just after noon on Saturday on a United flight. Crowds were more than I expected for a Saturday morning at 10AM. Unfortunately, her online check in would not work so we had to see an agent. After standing in line for too long at the Premier check in counter, we soon realized that the regular check in line was actually moving so we went there. Self Service would not allow her to check in either. An agent immediately checked her in with no idea why the online check in or self service would not work. She was not “selected” for additional security. But the check in issue took all of our spare time alloted for grabbing a bite prior to the flight. Things were much smoother after check in. Security was a snap, and both flights were on time. Our flight to San Francisco was very crowded, but the connection to Lihue was less so, and we had an empty seat in between us. Very comfortable given that we were seated in United’s Economy Plus section!!

Hertz was a disaster in Lihue. So much so that it warrants a separate post, which I will work on after the trip. I’ll post a more in depth report when I return home. I have some exploring to go do for now!