Well, the saddest day has arrived. Day 7 (Saturday), and the last day of our wonderful 7-night Western Caribbean cruise aboard Allure of the Seas. Oh wait! We’re on a back to back, so I’m not that sad! We’ve got another great cruise to go! OK, I’ll stop rubbing it in now.

Allure is at sea today as we make our way very slowly from Nassau to Port Everglades. Originally, this sea day was to be spent cruising from Cozumel to Port Everglades, but Hurricane Rina got in the way. As I think Nassau is only 90 miles or so from Fort Lauderdale, you might imagine we are not sailing very fast today at all. Anyways…here’s my favorite photo from our day in Nassau: 🙂

Allure's Crown and Anchor Blots Out Carnival - Sorry, I Couln't Help Myself!

Mrs MJonTravel slept in this morning and I went down to Allure’s very nicely equipped gym for a good workout. Lord knows I need it! Seven days of this does things to a man, ya’ know. After that, a quick trip to the first Starbucks at sea for my morning coffee and a bottle of water. I cannot understate the importance of staying hydrated on a cruise. All the food, booze and salt….. drink water!

I missed the Captain’s Corner at 10:30am, but did catch a little of it on TV. For those unfamiliar, Royal Caribbean usually hosts a Captain’s Corner on each cruise where the Captain and top officers are present. The Captain usually makes a gee-whiz presentation about the ship and then answers any questions. The most popular question for Captain Zini seems to be his age….which is 44 for those who are curious. The other is “Who’s driving the ship?” I learned the answer to that question on the bridge tour Thursday. The answer is: 2 very young people. I don’t know the total number, but there are several bridge officers on board who basically handle the navigating between ports while the Captain and Staff Captain (second in command) are on the bridge for navigating the ship in and out of port….and any other time when conditions warrant. In any event, the Captain’s Corner is a very interesting article for a wannabe sailor like myself and anyone else the least bit interested in engineering of the ship.

Mrs MJonTravel and I enjoyed lunch in Izumi, Allure’s Asian restaurant. We ordered 3 rolls, Salmon Lover’s, Rainbow, and Spicy Tuna. I would say that the Spicy Tuna was our favorite. The Rainbow was good, and Salmon Lover’s would have been were it not slightly over-sauced with some kind of mayonnaise based stuff that neither of us really cared for. Service, as usual, was impeccable.

After exploring the Royal Promenade shops, the Boardwalk, and the photo purchase adventure, we made our way to the Concierge Club where we are enjoying relative peace and quiet while I get this blog post started! Now I’ll finish the blog post at Solarium Bistro where MrsMJonTravel and I immediately ran for after rebounding the ship for the second half of our B2B (I’ll post about that separately).

We booked Blue Planet’s 5PM show on the last day of the cruise. Let me tell you now, if you are sailing on this ship, do NOT miss Blue Planet. It was phenomenal….and certainly the best show I’ve seen at sea (Chicago is in a class by itself). The choreography, the acrobatics, the music…it was just awesome! Here’s a teaser photo:

Waiting for Blue Planet to Begin

Last night, we elected to skip dinner in the main dining room and opt for the fantastic Tapas at Vintages instead. I did, however, drop by the dining room to deliver our gratuity envelopes and let our servers know we’d see them again in a day or 2. After that, it was off to Vintages. I don’t think I’ve mentioned just how great the Vintages on board Allure is. Seriously, the Tapas are wonderful!!! In my wrap up post on dining, I’ll mention some specifics.

I can’t say enough about how great this ship is. Here are a few pictures with more to come later. Heck…I’ve got another whole week of cruising to go!

Nighttime on the Boardwalk

The Last Towelie 🙂

The Boardwalk by Day