Day 10 (Tuesday) aboard Allure of the Seas can only be described as relaxing. Why? It was a sea day as we made our way at close to top speed to St. Thomas. We did not spend a great deal of time out by the pool. There was plenty of sunshine, but a 15 knot headwind combined with our 20 knots of forward speed made for a breezy day outside. Not to mention, we’ll get plenty of beach time in St. Marten as I absolutely intend to spend that day out by Maho Beach and the airport! Should get some good pictures that day.

In any event, we enjoyed a fun day. MrsMJonTravel slept in for a bit while I wandered around, worked out, and started the rest of the day with a Venti bold from Starbucks. After breakfast in the Windjammer I basically wandered around the ship until time for lunch, which MrsMJonTravel and I enjoyed in the dining room. The shrimp and crab soup was excellent, as was my Mexican tortilla salad.

We spent the afternoon wandering around, watched a few brave zipliners, etc and then returned to the stateroom for a nap! Yes, today was one of those days. I am not much on napping so after a bit, I went ahead and prepared for dinner at Chops Grille. Yes, that’s twice!! After getting cleaned up, I was more than ready for my first drink of the day so I went to Vintages and enjoyed a very nice glass of Caymus Cabernet to kick off the evening.

The highlight of the night was of course, Chops Grille. To start, I enjoyed a crabcake, which was excellent, and followed that with the Chops signature salad. For the steak, the waiter mentioned that they had a bone-in ribeye, which was not on the menu so I went with that. The flavor was excellent, but my friend’s Porterhouse looked too tempting, so I think I would go with that in the future. There’s also the always-great Filet Mignon as well.

We ended our evening with a nightcap at Vintages. I’m sure you’ve picked up by now that Vintages is probably my favorite spot on the ship.