I was sent this master list on Slickdeals and it’s quite impressive, being continually updated by one of the main deal hunter / mods of Slickdeals! It’s for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and what’s being called “Travel Tuesday”. It aggregates all the major deals across different verticals (below) and organizes them in one place, from which you can go learn more about the individual deals. Very handy, and useful for booking for the rest of this year / early next year!


Summer resort from pixabay

Categories for Travel Deals

Hotels & Accommodations
Online Agencies
Bus & Rail
Car Rentals
Vacation Packages



Examples include Alaska’s Black Friday sale of $39 one way flights, or $700 flights from the West Coast to Australia / New Zealand on Fiji Airways, or an insane $50 off anything promo code with any purchase. I’ve already bought something (cheap) for the last one, and hope to use the $50 code to get some free attractions that I wouldn’t normally partake in, such as Fear the Walking Dead or shooting some large caliber weapons. So many options and so little time to check them out so don’t dally!



While you may get one or some of these in your various blogs and / or mailing lists, this comprehensive list is very useful to check on what is hot during this holiday season. Take a look, let me know in the comments what you end up buying and what deals you get! I’m planning my 2019 travels already and hope to score so major flight/hotel deals, but I can’t wait to check it out!



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