I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had people mention to me about how they fly American a little and Delta a little….and occasionally they have to go to Seattle or somewhere on the west coast a little and then look me in the eye and say, no mileage program is ideal.  I always respond with the same question, “have you thought about Alaska Mileage Plan?”  Usually, I get strange looks, or in the case of one close family member…..a look of “are you stupid?”

Well, the answer to that question, like all questions is…opinions vary.  That said, I’m right about this one.  I never cease to be amazed by the number of people who refuse to think ever so slightly out of the box when it comes to mileage earning.  Alaska’s Mileage Plan has a list of partners that is nothing short of impressive.  Become a member of Mileage Plan and earn miles on American, Delta, British Airways, Air France, and several more.  Better yet, burn those miles on the same partners.  And of course, Alaska has a pretty nice network on the west coast all on its own.

I have to admit, the Alaska Mileage Plan option is something I think about often.  I haven’t been able to justify a move from Delta and American into Mileage Plan just yet, but this is certainly something I think about every year….heck…..every day.  Right now, I fly Delta enough to justify crediting to SkyMiles to earn elite benefits with Dela.  I’m not sure that will last forever.  Alaska Mileage Plan is a viable option for many travelers, probably many more than are even aware that its a good option.  When you’re evaluating your options for mileage earning, don’t forget about Alaska Mileage Plan, no matter where you live.