Does the cabin of your favorite airline’s aircraft smell better lately? It could be because your airline has developed a “scent” to go along with its brand. According to this article, Iberia was “the first western airline to introduce a custom fragrance in its VIP lounges and airplanes. The company said its scent, a blend of citrus, flowers and wood, was an effort to enhance its brand experience and give customers a more pleasant experience in the air.” Not to be outdone, Delta and United have apparently joined the unique fragrance bandwagon too.

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I wonder which airline smells better, Delta or United? While there’s nothing wrong with a pleasant smelling airplane, especially near the lavatory, I can think of a long list of things I’d rather see airlines invest in than their own unique scent. Interesting….that’s about all I can say. What do you think about this as a frequent business traveler? Is a “unique scent” something that differentiates airlines for you? (Image courtesy of

-MJ, February 2, 2015