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The World’s Happiest Airports – Your Mileage May Vary

I mean, I didn’t expect anywhere in the U.S. to be on this list, let alone Dallas. It’s not that DFW is bad, it’s just not any different than so many other large U.S. airports. And the number of UK airports that made the list makes this whole thing seem fishy. The fact that baggage claim is the least happy part of the airport it not at all surprising.

Air Asia Taunts Garuda Indonesia with Onboard Photo Competition – Live and Let’s Fly

Both Indoensian carriers Lion Air and Garuda Indonesia banned taking photography and video on board. Garuda faced a PR nightmare after a vlogger posted a video of the handwritten menu he received on a recent flight. His followers mocked Garuda. Rather than just cop up to the embarrassing issue, Garuda’s reaction was to ban photos and videos altogether.Now Air Asia is just trolling them.

11 Reasons to Visit Newfoundland, Canada at Least Once – SightDOING

I cannot urge you enough to visit Newfoundland. My wife and I spent a very brief 5 days there in 2015, and it wasn’t even close to enough. It’s an absolutely stunning island, and there aren’t any crowds.

Review: The United Basic Economy Experience in the Real World! Is It Really THAT Bad? – Miles to Memories

This story is special in that it is the first one written by Shawn Coomer’s son, Shawn Reece Coomer. After growing up globetrotting with his dad, he’s off on his own adventures now. I hope he continues to contribute to Miles to Memories!

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