American AAdvantage has announced Mileage Multiplier (sm).  According to American, as an AAdvantage member, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional miles in conjunction with your American Airlines travel each time you fly.  Travelers will have the option of doubling or tripling their miles when checking in at a self service machine.  If you check in online, you’ll need to stop by a self-service machine and reprint your boarding pass or check luggage to be given the option of purchasing additional miles.  Pricing will vary upon the length of your flight.

I am all but certain some of the other blogs have mentioned this new option, but I haven’t had to to look so I don’t know what the temperature of the bloggers is on this one.  I can only offer my opinion.  I don’t think I’d be all that interested in purchasing these additional miles, but I don’t have any problem that American is making the option available.  Also, I’m guessing this is the first of many “extras” that American might start selling at self-service.  United already offers service enhancements for sale such as priority security and boarding.  I can’t help but think that American wants to do the same.