Last year, MJ on Travel was among the first out with news about the combined frequent flier program for the new American Airlines. There’ve been headlines in the last few days about the merger happening sooner rather than later, and now American has narrowed things down even more.

From the email I just received:

“In October, we announced we would combine our frequent flyer programs in the second quarter of this year. And now, we’re on track to bring the US Airways Dividend Miles® program into the AAdvantage program within the next 30 days (emphasis mine). We’ll be providing you with more information on timing in the next few weeks.”

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In the meantime, there are things you can do to prepare. If you have miles in both programs, I’d made sure I have screen shots of my balances, elite qualifying and redeemable, as well as segments flown. There may be no problems at all, but I think it’s better to be prepared. You can also link your AAdvantage and Dividend Miles accounts by signing into your AA or US account. Finally, if you can, consider applying for the US Airways MasterCard, which will be going away very soon. 50,000 miles after your first purchase is one of the best deals going right now.

-MJ, March 13, 2015