Good morning from Amtrak train # 89, also known as the Palmetto. I love that the train has a name. 🙂 Just happens to be the same train I used to ride to DC with my grandmother to visit my aunt and uncle. So I’m waxing a bit nostalgic today. We left DC’s Union Station right on time and are now working our way towards Richmond. My only complaint so far is that the train is extremely full. When I booked the ticket, the only available accommodations were in Business Class. Good enough, I thought. It was only a $32 dollar upcharge, there would be more legroom, and I was sure that the Business Class car on an east coast corridor train won’t be crowded at all. WRONG!!!

The Business Class car is packed. There are more people traveling with children that I imagined, and there’s an energetic baby in the seat behind me. All that said, it isn’t terrible so far. I’ve enjoyed power outlets for my electronics, and internet access. I haven’t even tried Amtrak’s wi-fi today as my seatmate said it was constantly dropping his connection. Verizon 4G Mi-Fi all the way baby!!!

Look for a full trip report about my journey aboard Amtrak soon.