Things went well on the road this week. I’m just back from Dayton, Ohio and Huntington, West Virginia. The hotels were fine, especially in Dayton as I posted about below. My only choice was a Fairfield Inn in Huntington. Actually, the hotel itself was located in Ashland, Kentucky, just across the state line from Huntington as I could not find a room at the US Government per diem in Huntington. My flights on United and US Airways were all on time, and my bags arrived in good working order.

This trip will likely wrap up the traveling portion of a fairly high profile project that I’m assigned to at work. In other words, this probably concludes my business travel for the remainder of 2006. But this is where the fun part begins…vacation!

Leaving for a cruise 2 weeks from tomorrow. I’ll be sure and post the details. Cruising happens to be our chosen preferred method of vacationing, and I’ll surely enjoy writing about cruising in the very near future.