You guessed it, I’m sitting on my flight right now.  Thank goodness for GoGo inflight wifi!  I’m aboard American Airlines 1476 now enroute from DFW to DCA.  I’m seated in first class, seat 3E to be exact.  Something semi-remarkable happened after the passengers had boarded and we were waiting to leave.  I say semi-remarkable, because I’ve heard of such happenings, but never actually witnessed it…until today.

The Captain of our flight came back and introduced himself to the first class cabin.  Told us a little about himself, a little about the flight, and genuinely welcomed us aboard his airplane.  Needless to say, that sat the tone for a great flight.  And it has been.  Our # 1 flight attendant in first class has been nothing short of outstanding.  I wish all flights could be like this.

These 2 airline people deserve some thanks…so I’ll say it here.  Thank you.  You’re both wonderful.