I am not much for scary movies, but somehow got hooked on the “Stranger Things” Netflix series (albeit peeking through my fingers during the scary bits) and now as a fan I’m looking forward to Season Two.

The Gregory Hotel in midtown Manhattan has a fun and spooky package perfect for “Stranger Things” fans.

Called the Ex-Stream-ly cozy package, guests will get streaming via Google Chromecast to watch the season premiere (or any other episodes you want to binge-watch).

The guest room will be decked out with a “Stranger Things” theme, including a wall tapestry that lights up to display Will’s message from the Upside Down.

You’ll get special snacks to nibble on nervously, like Eleven’s favorite Eggos, two Chardonnay canned wines, and two Healthy Skoop’s Sleep Protein.

If things get too scary, you can always sleep with the lights on or dive under the fleece blanket and cover your eyes with the pillow that comes as part of the package.

You’ll also get a mug to take home with you, emblazoned with the phrase, “Friends Don’t Lie” from the show.

Here’s a link to book the package.

Checking rates I found $186 a night for random dates, and the special package is available through August 30, 2018.

The cancellation policy allows free cancellation up until 7 days prior to arrival.

This sounds like a fun package. The best available rate for a regular room with a Queen bed for the same dates comes out to be just $24 less, at $164. If you live in the Midtown area, it would be especially convenient to grab a couple friends and have a spooky time.

Are there any Magic of Miles readers that are “Stranger Things” fans like me?