Just sent to me by reader Rene. Rock on if this is something you’re in the market for. Besides…people that travel eat in restaurants. 🙂

“Here is a great deal with Restaurant.com 80% off with “SAVE” code + 50% cash back + $5.00 for new users! If you this link you get $5.00 and I get $5.00! Good until SEPT 14th – 2011 but you never know how long it will last!


Once you have setup the account at shopathome then search for Restaurant.com. Click on the 50% bonus and they will send you to Restaurant.com web site. You will need to enter the code “SAVE” at checkout to get teh 80% off. Keep in mind that restaurant.com coupons never expire and you can trade them in when ever you want. Load up now with a bunch and then when you go on a trip bring 2-6 and use them or not. Also please be aware that you will not get a check from shopathome until you reach $20 in rewards. But new users get the $5 reward with my link so $15 net first round. If you buy $30 worth of certs with Restaurant.com to start you have met the spend with shopathome and should good to go with no other buys!

Enjoy the savings!”