It’s a really quiet Sunday afternoon at the US Airways B/C Club in Philadelphia. I’m sure things are busier over at the A terminal with the upcoming wave of international outbounds, but wow, it’s almost serene here. I arrived at Newark Liberty (EWR) a little earlier than I’d planned. Wandered through security and down to my gate. Found the earlier flight to Philadelphia (PHL) boarding and figured what the heck. I just asked if I could take the earlier flight, and sure enough, the agent moved me right onto the flight.

I arrived in PHL in time to take an earlier flight to Washington (DCA), but I decided to camp out here, relax, and explore the US Club. Not to mention, my choice was taking an earlier CRJ flight, or waiting for my A319 flight where I have exit row seating. The Airbus won! After a quick stop at Vino Volo, my favorite airport hangout :), I wandered up to the B/C club. Life is good. I also had a chance to check out US Airways version of “heartier” snacks in the afternoon for the European departures, a change they’ve put in place in Charlotte and Philadelphia. I didn’t bother with the fire roasted vegetable soup (which looked great), but did go for the olives, chips & salsa, cheese, and crackers. Here’s an example of my domestic airline lounge smorgasbord!

I’m a fan of olives, what can I say? And no, the Mi-Fi was not included. 🙂 A fitting wind down to a fantastic Frequent Traveler University weekend. I’ll have a few words about this weekend’s FTU event coming up early this week. Stay tuned.